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@herlifeinpixels on Twitter. Here to conquer my fear of writing publicly. Product consultant. Ex-startup founder. Athlete.

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Overhauling Energy Management [1/many]

2 years ago, for day 197 by Hannah Wei

Energy: A Double-Edged Sword Working independently is one of those double-edged swords: there are more hours in the day under your control to do things that align with you, but this also means more chances to use time ineffectively. I consider myself a pretty driven person. I tend to...

On Reverse Culture Shock

3 years ago, for day 130 by Hannah Wei

Suburbia is a strange place. The first detail I noticed when I flew back to my parents' home in Canada is the neutral toned garage doors. Rows upon rows of beige, soft grey, salmon, taupe, colour coordinated like an eyeshadow palette. Then it was the cold glances and the overbearing...

On Chess and Fighting

3 years ago, for day 122 by Hannah Wei

My old coach has a chess set in front of the gym. Whoever was working at the reception on that day usually played against and gymmates, sometimes the coach himself. On the weekend, we would have tournaments. It was a big hit for kids. I was not a fan of...

On Healthy Codependency

3 years ago, for day 112 by Hannah Wei

Codependency - I've been letting this concept marinate in my head for the past little while. Living and training with my Muay Thai gym exposed me to a dynamic that I found lacking in the tech bubble. In North America, people have been socialized to prize individual exceptionalism with values...

Dear Michael,

3 years ago, for day 110 by Hannah Wei

Dear Michael, I once carried a suitcase of stories and dreams. I lugged them halfway across the world to your city, saving every piece to share with you. But when I arrived you had already cut me out of your life. That was three years ago. Heartbreaks are strange things:...

On the Antidote to Burnout

3 years ago, for day 83 by Hannah Wei

Three weeks ago I disappeared from writing daily at a time that felt like I had too much going on. I had committed to a competitive training schedule and gave my free time to bond with my gym. My nights were exhausting. I was either at stadiums [photographing the fight...

An Ode to My Trainers

3 years ago, for day 60 by Hannah Wei

At my gym, there are around six trainers. I see these guys every day. We understand so little of each other's languages, but I love figuring them out and trying to appreciate them more as people outside of the gym. Thais are generally very public about the people they spend...

On Being Tethered to a Phone

3 years ago, for day 58 by Hannah Wei

Today was supposed to be a fun day, except it turned to hell at around 12:45 when I lost my phone, on my motorbike, heading towards a hot spring with a friend. As soon as I realized it was missing. We doubled back on the road twice and asked some...

On Projects That Define Us

3 years ago, for day 57 by Hannah Wei

For a generation of privileged people that values experiences over material goods, we like to exercise our freedom in other ways. While some folks use free time to collecting niche knowledge or interesting people, others collect counties they've travelled to or social media clout. For me, I like to collect...

On Scaling a Conference Experience

3 years ago, for day 56 by Hannah Wei

Having attended several conferences early in my career, I was no stranger to the conference high: For a few days, the audience feels collectively inspired, and then they return to their normal lives as if the event never happened. I wanted to aim higher, especially in the context of young...

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