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3 years ago, for day 3 by Fred Rivett

Life's more exciting with an element of unpredictability. But too much can push us over to being dominated by fear of what comes next. Too much can lead us to lose focus, too much can be overwhelming. But an element of it can be good. I was chatting to a...


3 years ago, for day 2 by Fred Rivett

How can someone achieve their potential? What does it even mean to do so? Is potential something fixed, a ceiling we can't get past? A limit to where we can take ourselves? Does it exist in the background, like a tank, ready for us to fill up through our sweat...

2018 A Change Of Plans

3 years ago, for day 1 by Fred Rivett

2018 reiterated to me the feeling that life isn't always predictable as we sometimes think. The path I've taken isn't quite what I planned on this time last year, with different challenges and opportunities than expected, but I'm thankful for it as I've grown as a person through the process....

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