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3 years ago, for day 23 by Fred Rivett

Yesterday did not go to plan. It started well. I woke up early, and actually followed through on my intentions to go for a morning run. The sunrise was a beautiful start to my day. So far so good. I got back to the hotel, with enough time to shower...

Slow down

3 years ago, for day 22 by Fred Rivett

Life comes at you fast. Life comes at you fast, and we want it that way. We're not ready to slow down. We move from one distraction to the next. Time spent doing nothing? That's hard to do. We don't do that often. I'm writing this in the dark of...


3 years ago, for day 21 by Fred Rivett

Flight In about 3 hours I'm set to leave this earth. Well, leave the ground at least and enter the atmosphere. How remarkable it is that we've managed to achieve flight. Only a couple hundred years ago people were saying flight of any kind was impossible, and to be fair...


3 years ago, for day 20 by Fred Rivett

It never seems there's quite enough time to do everything I want. My to-do list for today is staring back at me, intimidating as I realise just how much I have to do and how little time there is to do it. One of those things is writing these words....


3 years ago, for day 19 by Fred Rivett

Something I've been spending the past month wrestling with is, what's next for me? The past six months I've been working on a startup, but for reasons not worth going into here, I won't be working on that this year. I knew that may well be the case when I...


3 years ago, for day 18 by Fred Rivett

What do I want? And how can I best get there? Hmm. Maybe these aren't the right questions. What if what I want is the journey, not the destination? It's not about "getting there" at all, is it? Hmm. I guess you can get to a place where you can...

Little children

3 years ago, for day 17 by Fred Rivett

I quite enjoy cooking. But only when I'm cooking for someone else, too. Cooking for yourself is more function over form. You naturally want to eat something good, but something quick and easy is always going to win out over anything convoluted and fancy. Yesterday a buddy of mine came...

Blind spots

3 years ago, for day 16 by Fred Rivett

Blind spots. Everyone has them. The sucker punch is that we rarely realise we have them. We don't know what we don't know. Recently I've been doing a course with Martin Stellar, Calibrating Reality. The course basically takes you through the building blocks of the human mind and decision making...

Fresh start

3 years ago, for day 15 by Fred Rivett

One year ago I was in a difficult place. I'd been doing some deep digging in my life and was trying to work out what on earth I was doing. Quite literally, what was I doing on earth? At that stage I had no fixed home, I'd been travelling for...


3 years ago, for day 14 by Fred Rivett

I woke up this morning and I'm aching quite a bit. My workout the other day didn't feel very intense (they start you off easier), but doing 5x5 reps surprisingly does enough to break some muscle down. It got me thinking about the process of building muscle. To build muscle...

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