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Step back

1 month ago, for day 131 by Fred Rivett

I’m letting this habit slip. 11pm on a Saturday night, out with friends but popping to the loo to throw three hundo down. Sorry, TMI. I’m not sure how long I’ll carry this on for. Not sure what I really want to get out of this. It started on New...


1 month ago, for day 130 by Fred Rivett

It swirls up and around. It rises with the promise of subsiding again sometime, but whentime, who knows. I’m overwhelmed by emotions. Emotions plural. There’s a lot going on inside of me right now. What does it all mean? What does my future look like? What actions should I be...


1 month ago, for day 128 by Fred Rivett

My parents came up to visit tonight. It was so nice hanging out with them and showing them one of my favourite restaurants in London. We spoke about all sorts, and spent a good few hours just chatting. They’re getting older, as am I. They’re still relatively young, around the...


1 month ago, for day 127 by Fred Rivett

Eesh I keep leaving this late. After a tiring day a mate of mine invited a couple of us round and despite my natural inclination to chill and watch the football I decided to be sociable. It’s been a great night of real talk with good people. But I missed...

Overly tired Fred

1 month ago, for day 126 by Fred Rivett

I've slept a lot the past two days. A surprising amount, even for me. I sleep quite a bit already. At least 8 hours a night, and at weekends, often more like 10. I'm fortunate that getting to sleep isn't a problem, but challenged in that getting up often is...

Maturity is developed over time

1 month ago, for day 125 by Fred Rivett

There are two ways to live, and increments in between. Boldly, fearlessly, lovingly, openly. Cowardly, fearfully, coldly, lonely. There are two ways to live, but they aren’t binary. Not in the macro sense, at least. Not in the big picture. Not in the scale of our lives. That’s a natural...

A small part

1 month ago, for day 124 by Fred Rivett

Yet again it’s gone 11 I’m on a train home with friends and I need to write 300 words. It feels pretty rude to do this. But now it’s 11:50 as I decided not to be rude and time is running low. Today’s been a good day. It was the...

I’m not running late I’m running very close to being on time

1 month ago, for day 123 by Fred Rivett

It’s early. I wasn’t in bed until late. I’m not running late. I’m running very close to being on time. I’m off back up to Wembley this morning. After the evening there yesterday and hours train back to east London, I’m reversing the trip after not enough sleep. Last night...

Puzzles on puzzles on puzzles

1 month ago, for day 122 by Fred Rivett

Puzzles. I wasn’t ever that big into them as a kid. At least not of the jig-saw variety. They were alright but in hindsight I guess they seemed quite boring. Quite flat. Not much has changed in that regard. I still don’t get much joy out of jig-saw puzzles. They...

Shifting time

1 month ago, for day 121 by Fred Rivett

Shifting time. Can’t shift it. Can only try. Been getting to work late and leaving early recently. Had a bunch of flat viewings to attend so I’ve had to shift my time around. Tomorrow I’ll getting to work early as I’ve gotta leave early again. My hours have been so...

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