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Fran Lebowitz in New York

1 year ago, for day 13 by Freya 💎

Although I've tried to wean myself off things like Netflix, something I recently watched that made me discover a newfound love for eccentricities was 'Pretend it's a City'. The docuseries focuses on the writer and what one could only describe as an eccentric, Fran Lebowitz. Directed by her friend and...

What do influencers owe us?

1 year ago, for day 12 by Freya 💎

I went on a walk with my mum this morning, and whilst trudging through mud and slush (I know, this is the picturesque version of Ireland we all have in mind), we got onto the topic of influencers, especially those on Instagram. She's editing a book about influencer culture and...

Motion is lotion for the body

1 year ago, for day 11 by Freya 💎

One activity that I want to deepen my focus on this year is the practice of yoga, specifically hatha yoga. I've always enjoyed the practice of yoga since I was in my teens, finding the thought-out movements and intentions of the poses a welcome change from the more intensive, non-stop...

Waking up in the middle of the night

1 year ago, for day 10 by Freya 💎

I've always been a light sleeper, so I don't always sleep through the night in one go. Often I'll wake up for a few seconds, in a weird state of half-sleep confusion, until my eyes readjust and I remember where I am. Even though you're half asleep, you're fully aware...

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