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The 5-day workweek is broken

8 months ago, for day 41 by Freya 💎

There is something inherently weird about human beings dedicating five days out of their week to work, the other two to spend recovering from the five days passed. Those two weekend days are also spent preparing for the upcoming work week, in which you endure the five days whilst looking...

Yesterday's regrets are tomorrow's blessings...sometimes

8 months ago, for day 40 by Freya 💎

The last 6 months of my life were what I would call an 'involuntary sabbatical' - I quit my Master's degree, which turned out to be totally different from what I originally thought, and my freelance work dried up in the run up to Christmas. From the time August onwards,...

The 5 Stages of Blizzards

8 months ago, for day 38 by Freya 💎

Today, I walked - nay, hiked - through Amsterdam in a blizzard to get home. I haven't seen weather like this in years, the last time seeing snow so thick being around 2013, and I can only describe the journey as being equated to the stages of grief. The usual...

Will we dance again?

8 months ago, for day 36 by Freya 💎

Before COVID-19, I scarcely got wasted drunk or went hard every weekend. I'd rather go to long, often boozy dinners with friends or end up in a fun bar after a pre-drinks, maybe once every two weeks or so. Much longer before that, when I was a freshman in university,...

The end of trends

8 months ago, for day 34 by Freya 💎

I'm two days into my new job, and I can say that in these last 48 hours my attitude towards trends in the fashion industry has shifted considerably. What I've fully realised is that trends, spanning from marketing strategies such as trend forecasting and creative advertising are created to keep...

Starting anew

8 months ago, for day 32 by Freya 💎

Today, I started a new internship at a company that, a year ago, I would never have imagined myself working at. It's definitely not the in-office onboarding experience I would have expected a year ago - although, in true startup fashion, I did receive a big ol' bag of company...

Thinking about the internet village

8 months ago, for day 31 by Freya 💎

Over the last few months, Kent and I discussed at length the concept of 'online villages', web design as architecture, internet architecture and corporations dominating the internet. For ages, I've been looking for a phrase or a title to somehow group these concepts together, but it's hard to come up...

A pasta dish to end wars 🍋

8 months ago, for day 30 by Freya 💎

When it comes to food, I'm a simple girl. I've never been a fan of mountains of cheese or rich, creamy desserts - due to slight lactose intolerance and preference of crispy, sweeter things. I'm not a fan of red meat or rich gravies, often opting for the pasta dish...

Airport behaviour

8 months ago, for day 29 by Freya 💎

After three covid tests, cancelled flights and a general burning world around me, I finally managed to qualify for a flight back to Amsterdam for the next few months. This joyous occasion was dampened, however, when I remembered that I had a few hours to wait in the airport before...

The copywriting con

8 months ago, for day 27 by Freya 💎

I know I'm not the only one to say this, but over the years I've become more and more fed up with the common strategies and 'hacks' that come with copywriting as a job. My irritation with these strats also merges with social media marketing, as the two go hand...

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