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On toxic friendships

11 hours ago, for day 24 by Freya

So. I'm deep in Ted Talks today - it's snowing outside, we're in lockdown, and I feel slightly better binging 'educational' YouTube videos rather than trying out Bridgerton on Netflix (PSA: too cringe to watch for me). One Ted Talk I stumbled across is one by Sharon Livingston, a researcher...

Rewatching old films

2 days ago, for day 22 by Freya

H2 Sometimes, all I want to do is watch something that I know the outcome of, like a warm bed that you climb into at the end of the day. You know it'll be good, no matter how crappy your day was. Or, maybe you want to watch a...

Growing up with a speech impediment

5 days ago, for day 20 by Freya

If you're a friend of mine or have even sat through dinner with me once, you can probably tell that I enjoy a good conversation - whether that occasionally turns into a debate, so be it. I always loved things like Model UN and debates in my later years in...

In 2021, being hot is a state of mind

5 days ago, for day 19 by Freya

H1 We're all just at home...being hot in our own way. During the first set of lockdowns, I made it my mission to dress 'normally' every day in order to feel some kind of normality in the, initially, alien situation. I'd get up and shower at 7 am, blow...

Review: My Year of Rest and Relaxation

6 days ago, for day 18 by Freya

This review comes approximately one and a half years late, but that won't stop me from writing about it for my daily post! Ottessa Moshfegh's novel encapsulates what it meant to be a bratty, trust fund baby living in pre 9/11 New York City, languishing in their bought apartments with...

Anxiety and conspiracy are holding hands

1 week ago, for day 17 by Freya

After the crazy events of the last few weeks, it's been hard to not be bombarded with the subject of conspiracy theories and weird terms like QAnon, redpilled amongst others. Six months ago I had no idea what any of these terms meant, as I had assumed these fringe movements...

In cold water

1 week ago, for day 16 by Freya

There's this weird tradition that I've partaken in most of my life, where on New Year's Day, I join hundreds of people, shivering and wrapped in fluffy towels, down to the ocean. The air is tight, bitterly cold with a sense that you're being whipped in the face with an...

Thinking about empathy

1 week ago, for day 15 by Freya

With all the upsetting and often exhausting news stories dominating the media in the last year, within the midst of a global pandemic, stock market crashes and political unrest, the need and the want to be empathetic - bolstered by a collective encouragement that shows itself in many forms -...

Fran Lebowitz in New York

1 week ago, for day 13 by Freya

Although I've tried to wean myself off things like Netflix, something I recently watched that made me discover a newfound love for eccentricities was 'Pretend it's a City'. The docuseries focuses on the writer and what one could only describe as an eccentric, Fran Lebowitz. Directed by her friend and...

What do influencers owe us?

1 week ago, for day 12 by Freya

I went on a walk with my mum this morning, and whilst trudging through mud and slush (I know, this is the picturesque version of Ireland we all have in mind), we got onto the topic of influencers, especially those on Instagram. She's editing a book about influencer culture and...

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