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Safe words

1 month ago, for day 241 by Robert Fono

Safe words are the greatest invention since, well since words. Such a practical approach, isn't it? Sometimes when a situation is going somewhere we don't want it to go, we can politely but firmly signal that while the idea is lovely, we really don't feel like further flogging is going...


2 months ago, for day 219 by Robert Fono

Light. Darkness. Light again, piercing, like a torch. Then a loud bang, shattering bone and teeth. Jonathan tried opening his eyes, but the bright light made him shut them again. Headache, flashing through his skull, like an arrow punching through and exiting clean on the other side. He tried again...

Spiritual Exercises - 1: The Foam of Mind

2 months ago, for day 216 by Robert Fono

Take a deep breath, slow and deliberate, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Finding the connection to your innermost self is both easy and immensely difficult, because it involves vigorous rubbing. Take another deep breath and prepare to begin. Everything you need for this exercise should be...

On my phone

3 months ago, for day 197 by Robert Fono

When I want to take a stroll down Memory Lane but then decide to take a turn just short of Photo Album Square, I often end up on Weird Voice Memo Alley. The pavement there has large cracks running through it and there's no real sidewalk, just a few small...


3 months ago, for day 196 by Robert Fono

I've been staring for half an hour now. Maybe even more, maybe it seems like it's only half an hour because that's what I'm telling myself, that it's not that bad, that it's only been half an hour. Or maybe - and I don't even want to entertain this thought...


3 months ago, for day 195 by Robert Fono

The river was roaring below her, its cold, dark green water swirling and bubbling and rushing away out of view. When she looked at it long enough, it was beautiful, in a wild and scary way. She didn't feel above the water even though it was below her, she felt...


3 months ago, for day 194 by Robert Fono

He got really good at waiting for her over the years. In those first few months he'd get upset or impatient often but these days he just knew to expect it. She'd say "just a minute" and he'd know he had time to take a quick nap. She'd say "let...


3 months ago, for day 193 by Robert Fono

Clicking that button fit predictably into the god damned pattern. The same damn half asleep, foggy thinking that usually descends at this time of night descended today as well and before I knew it I was lazily half-imagining a motivating future where I am this new, much better, much more...

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