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Travelling Day

1 month ago, for day 2 by Fiene

Today is the day of packing things up and going back home. I have developed a lot of routine around packing and travelling over the last year or so. I am a lot calmer and don't worry about forgetting things as much anymore. I figured out that almost everything can...

On The First Day

1 month ago, for day 1 by Fiene

It is New Year's day and the first time I am spending it abroad in a long while. Spending Christmas and New Year's with what I can now lovingly refer to "the American branch of the family" was strange and beautiful. I know how Christmas goes in America only from...

The Book

2 months ago, for day 338 by Fiene

I think I just finished my first draft. I could add a few more scenes just to tell the aftermath but I decided not to for the moment, My characters got back home safely and while I could talk about what happened the next day, I kind of said all...

Journaling Again

2 months ago, for day 337 by Fiene

Today I got out my bullet journal from 2018 and set up a new one to use for the remainder of 2019 and the first bits of 2020. My 2018 journal was very pretty even though I am mostly a utilitarian bullet journaler. I had kept notes on several bokes...

Follow Through

2 months ago, for day 335 by Fiene

I left the writing until late in the day again. I was not pleased with that, mostly because it always makes for at least half an hour of anxiety and noticeable procrastination before I then make a final push and get around to it. But get around to it I...

NaNoWriMo - Continued

2 months ago, for day 334 by Fiene

I wrote even though I didn't have to. Not at the appointed time and later than I would have liked again but it happened. This will be my last NaNoWriMo entry because tomorrow the event is officially over. I will update you all on the progress with the end of...

NaNoWriMo - Made It!

2 months ago, for day 333 by Fiene

I just logged my final word count and came in at 50200 words. I did not expect to feel this proud. But I do. I feel completely giddy, even though the book is not finished yet. I think I have another week to go to wrap everything up. The Re-Write...

NaNoWriMo - The Drag

2 months ago, for day 332 by Fiene

I think I am consciously witnessing the self-sabotage attempts my brain comes up with just before I finish something. These past few days, it has become harder and harder to get myself to write. I don't actually have a "rush" to finish things. Quite the opposite, actually. I feel almost...

NaNoWriMo - Moving along

2 months ago, for day 331 by Fiene

I am trying to wrap things up as best I can but I know that I will not have a proper ending when I reach the word count. Today I skipped over some explanations, mentally making a note for later, just so I could move the story along faster. I...

NaNoWriMo - Loose Ends

2 months ago, for day 330 by Fiene

I have so many loose ends I could probably turn them into a flying carpet if I just wove them together properly. Honestly, all the solutions I am coming up with seem awfully convenient. Things just resolve, mostly with convenience and a conversation around a nondescript (should probably also fix...