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The Library

1 month ago, for day 26 by Fiene

A couple of months ago, a group of ladies from my town (including me) took over the running of the small local library. The town I live in didn't have a proper public library, so some years ago, four girls (aged around 15) started a youth library project all by...

Stuff by Example

1 month ago, for day 25 by Fiene

The fact that leading by example is very efficient may sound obvious but I only really noticed recently how much of a difference it can make. I also noticed how much I took up from the positive and negative examples around me in my childhood and even as a grown-up....

Skincare And Relationships

1 month ago, for day 24 by Fiene

I've been learning a lot about skincare lately. Specifically, I have been looking into and trying out retinol-based products. Apparently, they are the be-all-end-all of skincare ingredients. Together with sunscreen. Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that speeds up skin regeneration. As such, it can help a lot with reducing...

It's Not About The Money.

1 month ago, for day 22 by Fiene

They say that whatever you give your attention to grows. If you pay a lot of attention to things that worry you, you grow your anxiety. If you pay a lot of attention to the good stuff in life, you feel better. Gratitude works like that. Actually, everything works like...

Make It Easy

1 month ago, for day 21 by Fiene

Sometimes I don't hang the laundry for a week or two. You'd think it's because I am too busy or too low on energy or something but in reality, it's not because of procrastination. It's because of the discomfort. You see my periods of leaving the laundry up to its...

Building Up To It

1 month ago, for day 20 by Fiene

I am sure there was something else I wanted to write about. I seem to remember having had an interesting thought over lunch. alas, I didn't write it down and now it's gone, having been replaced by a nagging headache that comes from a shocking lack of sleep. Ah well....

Change Around The House

1 month ago, for day 19 by Fiene

When I was younger, I never understood why people rearrange the furniture in their homes. S's mother is a particularly avid re-arranger of all things furniture. The living and dining room area gets completely shuffled at least once a year and when we still lived there, chances were, things were...

Getting A Move On

1 month ago, for day 18 by Fiene

Getting a move on is very difficult for me on the weekend days or days. I don't work on Fridays but my son is still going to school so at least there is something other than my bladder that gets me up in the morning. Saturday and Sunday, though, are...

A Different Sense of Value

1 month ago, for day 17 by Fiene

One thing that changed for me over the last couple of years is my perception of value. When I was younger, it never made sense to me to pay for quality or convenience. I would DIY a lot or be content with "almost good" solutions if it meant I saved...

"I Want to See You"

1 month ago, for day 16 by Fiene

A few days ago I posted the news about my wedding on Facebook. I mostly did it, because my aunt had asked me on my Facebook profile whether the news was true. She had intended to send this as a private message but posted it publicly instead. Anyway, since it...