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The Fairy Tale Is In The Telling

3 weeks ago, for day 33 by Fiene

Yesterday it came to me that the fairy tale is mostly in the telling of things. It's the way we look at things that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Most of the really big love stories I have heard sound completely ordinary if you just stick to the facts....

Ode To Domestic Maintenance

3 weeks ago, for day 32 by Fiene

Today is the first time I benefitted in a major way from all the domestic maintenance of the past couple of weeks. So far, I've been very good with cleaning up after myself and making my son help with a few things around the house this year. Initially, this burst...

Five Ideas

3 weeks ago, for day 31 by Fiene

Five ist the approximate number of ideas I have had today and lost again. Four of them were ideas for a blog/write together post that I didn't write down when they popped into my head. Now they are gone. Ah well. I am sure they will come back eventually if...

The Pace of Life

3 weeks ago, for day 30 by Fiene

This Tuesday I went to a day-long training instead of my usual home-office day. Subsequently, my week feels a lot fuller than it usually does. Being out of the house the whole day for three days in a row has given me the feeling of being behind on things. There...

The Vision Board That Keeps Eluding Me

3 weeks ago, for day 29 by Fiene

I've been meaning to make a vision board for years. Several, even. Every time I think more deeply about something in my life, I get this thought: "This would be a lovely vision board. Having something to look at would be so nice". Then I keep thinking about it but...

Third World Country

4 weeks ago, for day 28 by Fiene

I went to a training session at the central library today. They have an education program for volunteer librarians. We went through some statistics and I was shocked to learn that the part of Germany I live in is second to last when it comes to library coverage. Apparently, it...

Revisiting Old Dreams

4 weeks ago, for day 27 by Fiene

The other day, a childhood dream came back into my thoughts for a visit. You see, when I was younger, I wanted to become an ambassador. Even at a very young age, it struck me that people ho help different cultures be more friends with each other were somehow instrumental...

The Library

4 weeks ago, for day 26 by Fiene

A couple of months ago, a group of ladies from my town (including me) took over the running of the small local library. The town I live in didn't have a proper public library, so some years ago, four girls (aged around 15) started a youth library project all by...

Stuff by Example

1 month ago, for day 25 by Fiene

The fact that leading by example is very efficient may sound obvious but I only really noticed recently how much of a difference it can make. I also noticed how much I took up from the positive and negative examples around me in my childhood and even as a grown-up....

Skincare And Relationships

1 month ago, for day 24 by Fiene

I've been learning a lot about skincare lately. Specifically, I have been looking into and trying out retinol-based products. Apparently, they are the be-all-end-all of skincare ingredients. Together with sunscreen. Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that speeds up skin regeneration. As such, it can help a lot with reducing...