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Recovering from Oversleeping

1 year ago, for day 40 by Fiene

This morning, I overslept by three hours. I almost missed an appointment because I had totally forgotten about it. I am not used to having things to do on a Saturday and I have been very "lenient" with my journal so things are not always as present in my mind...

And Then I Just Cried

1 year ago, for day 39 by Fiene

I am a good sport about a lot of things usually. I don#t take things too seriously, I can take a joke, or two, or ten, I let people borrow my things, sometimes indefinitely, I try to accommodate other people. And then it somehow gets too much. One of my...

A Letter in The Mail

1 year ago, for day 38 by Fiene

A few weeks ago I signed up for InCoWriMo on a whim. Then I got busy and forgot all about it. Yesterday, I received a letter in the mail! From a total stranger. I used to write a lot of letters when I was younger and mobile phones were not...

Comparison is Not Always The Death of Joy

1 year ago, for day 37 by Fiene

I work in digital marketing and, like many people in the business, I am mostly self-taught. I started learning SEO, search advertising and online strategy a few years ago when it became more and more relevant for the company I worked for (we build websites and online shops). My boss...

Mental Illness and Responsibility

1 year ago, for day 36 by Fiene

Some time ago, two guys asked me if I would like to write some songs with them and join their band project. I asked for some samples and, after finding that I quite liked the style, agreed to meet them and see if we could work together. The meeting was...

What my Accounting Job Teaches me About Good Relationships and Guilt Trips

1 year ago, for day 35 by Fiene

It is Monday int he Accounting Department. Monday is the day where all the administrative stuff is updated, and the reminder cycle starts anew. The reminder cycle is a weekly process that is partially automated and partially manual. I go through the open accounts receivables and check whether all of...

Honesty and Full Disclosure Are Not The Same

1 year ago, for day 34 by Fiene

Honesty is the best policy. I truly believe this. However, some people seem to confuse honesty with a kind of blanket statement of full disclosure. Many a comedy has been made with the premise of "What if people could not lie?" In the movies, this leads to people blurting out...

Err On The Side of Kindness

1 year ago, for day 33 by Fiene

Whenever I was talking about anger, I used to say this: "I can not hold grudges. Honestly, very often I have trouble holding on to feeling angry for more than five minutes, which sucks because some people deserve my being angry with them". I felt that my compulsive forgiveness was...

It's All Wide Open

1 year ago, for day 32 by Fiene

A while back I went to a folk concert at The Ark in Ann Arbor. The Artist was Richard Shindell, he was very good. Halfway through the concert, we came to a song called All wide Open. I just sat there and cried. Every now and then we find a...

Quiet Champions - Lifting You Up

1 year ago, for day 31 by Fiene

Sometimes, we overlook the people who are the most supportive of us because they support us quietly and steadily. They may not be prone to grand gestures; they may never really do anything that calls attention to them and yet, they might be the people who have been lifting you...