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A Day Well Done

1 week ago, for day 44 by Fiene

Today was a marvellous day; I feel quite accomplished. It's not so much the number of things I got done (a fair bit, thank you) but the kind of stuff I got done. I always feel glad when I get the sense that I have made progress on a couple...

One Word at a Time

1 week ago, for day 43 by Fiene

The power of listening

Project Management and Familiarity Bias

2 weeks ago, for day 41 by Fiene

Every time I talk about organizing things with the Haxe crowd, there is the question of which tool to use. They live in GitHub, so to them, there is probably not a bird in the sky that you can not kill with a GitHub-shaped stone. I never work in GitHub...

Can't You Take a Compliment?

2 weeks ago, for day 40 by Fiene

When I was younger, I had a tough time taking compliments. I would always hedge, qualify and downplay whatever I was getting the praise on. I'd say things like "Oh well I didn't do this by myself, so it's not that special, really" or "I could have done so much...

Tiny Better Choices

2 weeks ago, for day 39 by Fiene

I just interrupted my relaxation programme (watching Picard) because I realised that I had not yet written today. I only came home an hour and a half ago, and I feel pretty tired from the last two days. So I am noticing this little better choice I just made. I...

Priorities and Rest

2 weeks ago, for day 38 by Fiene

Priorities are a superpower. I may have said this before, but I think it's worth reminding myself of it now and then. Especially when I start to feel a little guilty about not doing a thousand things or when FOMO comes by for an unexpected visit. I am in Hamburg...

On The Road

2 weeks ago, for day 37 by Fiene

This is my second time typing an entry on my phone during all my time on this platform. I'm currently in the car, on my way to Hamburg. Obviously I am not driving. We've made our way all the way through ABBA's greatest hits already. They're fun to sing along...

The Heart Attack Delivery Service

2 weeks ago, for day 36 by Fiene

This morning, shortly before leaving the house for work, I got a call from my son's school. The secretary told me he'd been complaining about pain in his ear and asked if he should come home. I told her yes, of course. Then I sat down on my bed and...

Thank You Opt-Out Life Podcast

3 weeks ago, for day 35 by Fiene

I listen to a podcast called the (Opt Out ife)[] now and then. It's about living your life with more freedom than the traditional 9-to-5. It's helped change the way I look at the world and at opportunities and, honestly, I just like listening to the guys. Today, I took...

Suspicions About Productivity

3 weeks ago, for day 34 by Fiene

I think we're doing it wrong. Last Sunday afternoon around 2 PM, while munching on my lunch sandwich, I watched an episode of Marie Kondo's Netflix show. As always when I watch something related to decluttering, I got a profound urge to go and tidy something up right this minute....