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"I Want to See You"

1 day ago, for day 16 by Fiene

A few days ago I posted the news about my wedding on Facebook. I mostly did it, because my aunt had asked me on my Facebook profile whether the news was true. She had intended to send this as a private message but posted it publicly instead. Anyway, since it...

The Monthly Book Pile

2 days ago, for day 15 by Fiene

As part of my last performance review, I negotiated an allowance for books with my boss. I have a set budget that I can spend on non-fiction books each month. In some ways, this is the best perk I have ever negotiated. You see, I really, really care about books...

Out In The Open

3 days ago, for day 14 by Fiene

Today, I told the rest of my family that I got married back in October. I also made a tiny announcement on facebook and told S and my mutual friends/colleagues who didn't already know. It feels good to have this out in public. I've been debating how to go about...

Don't Think About It

4 days ago, for day 13 by Fiene

Sometimes, when I sit down to write, the headline still stumps me. I usually fill it in last, except on those occasions when I have a specific think in mind already. When I am a little zony, I keep staring at the blank headline field and just forget about skipping...

I'll Pick Up The Phone

5 days ago, for day 12 by Fiene

Relationship maintenance can be difficult. Somehow, I never know what the right amount of "checking in on each other" is. Am I supposed to text every day? Call once a week? Once a month? It is hard to tell for me and somehow I never developed a "natural" urge to...

Arriving at the Right Place

5 days ago, for day 11 by Fiene

I spent the afternoon with S today. I helped him prepare his tax return and also decorated the back of his bookshelves with fabric. He's got them set up as a room divider so making the backs look nice was important. I was very pleased with how it came out....

Adjusting to Myself

1 week ago, for day 10 by Fiene

It's been a week or so since we got home and except for some vacation trips, this is the first time in years I am by myself (or with only my son) for an extended period of time. I don't quite know what to make of it. I had not...

My Bullet Journal and my countless Idea Notebooks

1 week ago, for day 9 by Fiene

Shortly before Christmas, I went back to bullet journalling and set up a new journal. I don't spend hours and hours making pretty pages, but at the same time, my pages are more beautiful and more visually oriented than they used to be. In the beginning, it really was just...

Circling Back

1 week ago, for day 8 by Fiene

S came to visit and stay over yesterday. It's the first time we've met since he moved out and I came back from America. It was wonderfully nice. He helped me move his old (but still good) computer desk to my son's computer corner which now looks much nicer and...

The Morning Hours

1 week ago, for day 7 by Fiene

I am not really good at getting up in the early morning unless there is something important like a trip to the airport. To be fair, I don't get grumpy in the mornings either when I have to get up early. I just feel pretty tired for quite a while....