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The Music Stays With Me

19 hours ago, for day 51 by Fiene 🔥

I am nine timezones and seven hearts away from my normal life. Nothing here in Seattle even remotely resembles my day to day life. The air tastes different, the apartment is different, the sounds of the city are far from what I am used to. This is the first time...

Sleeping Things Off

2 days ago, for day 50 by Fiene 🔥

Travelling, as it turns out, is not great for my immune system. There is something about the strain and the abrupt change that makes me more susceptible to infections. I wonder how people who travel a lot over an extended period of time deal with this. Oh, wait, it seems...

I Should Have Done This Earlier

2 days ago, for day 49 by Fiene 🔥

So this morning I woke up at 6:30. I got up and made myself my usual glass of lemon water as well as some coffee. While I waited for the water to boil, I cleaned up the kitchen a bit. We had had people over for brunch the day before...

Paying it Forward

3 days ago, for day 48 by Fiene 🔥

We pay forward a lot more than the good things we intend to. Heck, it is not even always our stuff that we pay forward. It is family history, things we picked up here and there growing up, all the strange sentiments of a life in motion. Sometimes, my mood...

The Devil And The Details

4 days ago, for day 47 by Fiene 🔥

I am organizing a conference in May and so far, everything went along smoothly. Things were shaping up nicely and I was musing about how much easier it felt this time around compared to the first time last year. I remember being very control-freaky about the whole thing and getting...

The Day After the Big Sleep

6 days ago, for day 46 by Fiene 🔥

Today is the day after the long flight and the subsequent big sleep. I am happy to report that my stomach is settled, every hint of nausea is gone, and that I awoke well rested this morning. I managed to stay up late enough last night so that I slept...

Nine Hours Away from Home

6 days ago, for day 45 by Fiene 🔥

The travelling happened and it was mostly uneventful. Except that nothing really went right. Both planes were delayed by an hour or so, my luggage is not to arrive until tomorrow and I got sick at the end of the long haul flight. I guess my getting sick on planes...

Knocking them off One by One

1 week ago, for day 44 by Fiene 🔥

I am traveling to the United States tomorrow and still have not packed. I just got home from work and am looking forward to an evening of travel meditation and putting things into their places. I have a whole list of things I still want to accomplish and contrary to...

Be Careful With What You Are Good At

1 week ago, for day 43 by Fiene 🔥

Quoting Danielle LaPorte and probably a lot of other Mentors and Coaches: Be Careful with what you get good at. you might end up doing it a lot. This is definitely the case for me. I got very good at Online Marketing Strategy, SEO, and related fields and never questioned...

Writing in the Morning

1 week ago, for day 42 by Fiene 🔥

This is the first time since starting on this journey, that I am writing in the morning again the way I used to way back in September of last year. I always have trouble fitting something extra into my morning routine and somehow, I am very protective of my mornings....

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