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A Trapped Spark

11 hours ago, for day 272 by Fiene 🤯

When we got home from my exam on Saturday, the apartment was very chilly. It had grown cold outside and for some reason, the heating wasn't switching on. I tried several times, turning the knob on and off, but there was no park lighting the gas. The only reaction I...


1 day ago, for day 271 by Fiene 🤯

Adam picked up Supergiant's game Hades for me when it came out of the early access phase. Supergiant Games are the makers of Bastion, I hope that rings a bell with all of you. If not, please, please go pick it up and play it. Bastion is one of the...

Two Days of Nothing

2 days ago, for day 270 by Fiene 🤯

I've done nothing but lounge in bed the whole afternoon after coming home from my exam. I plan on doing nothing more than that tomorrow, before pulling myself slowly back together again just in time for Monday. My run of "one important thing after another" is almost over. The only...

This Is The Last Of It

3 days ago, for day 269 by Fiene 🤯

I am about as well prepared as I am going to get for the exam tomorrow. My understanding of the concepts that I'll be tested on has improved drastically over the last couple of days. I am now pretty happy with my understanding of the material. The problem is the...

May As Well

4 days ago, for day 268 by Fiene 🤯

I couldn't wait for the bell to ring. The teacher was going on and on about proper English Grammar and I was bored. I'd managed to entertain myself for while by dropping an ink cartridge on the floor and speculating about when she would step on it. She'd come ever...

Working Through Mental Blocks

5 days ago, for day 267 by Fiene 🤯

Today, I booked a hotel room close to the venue where I have my exam on Saturday. Doing this caused a surge of stress and panic because I couldn't find the address for where the exam takes place easily. It was hidden on a link on an abscure sub-page of...

Is She Really A Wicked Witch

6 days ago, for day 266 by Fiene 🤯

The more I think about the Gingerbread Witch, the more doubts I have about her wickedness. If she were on trial for eating children, the prosecution would have a hard time making the charges stick. All the evidence is circumstantial. Mostly hearsay. There are no witnesses, not is there any...

Witches Continued

1 week ago, for day 265 by Fiene 🤯

So, as Yorrick pointed out, the Gingerbread Witch surely must have had a serious ant problem. Following that line of thought, it mustn't only have been ants. What about the wasps? The forest must have been buzzing with the excited determination of a thousand wasps swarming the house. Perhaps she...


1 week ago, for day 264 by Fiene 🤯

It just occurred to me that I might be a descendant of Baba Yaga. If I were, through some twist of fate, to become a witch, I would most definitely end up with a house that has chicken legs. She's also a very ambivalent witch. Sometimes she helps, sometimes she...

Never Lay Down Your Words

1 week ago, for day 263 by Fiene 🤯

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away last night. I am incredibly sad about this. As are many. For so many reasons, it was too, too soon. There isn't much more to say than that. At the same time, there is so much to say. I hope it all gets said....