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More Space

22 hours ago, for day 25 by Fiene 🏆

At the moment, everything is about space for me. Space to create, space to think, space to grow, space for my thoughts to wander, space to cosy up in, space to be, space to direct, space to let go. Partially, space is just another word for attention. For example, when...

Learning by Walking

1 day ago, for day 24 by Fiene 🏆

Today I did another solitary walk. I took a few interesting turns on the way and ended up staying out for two hours instead of the one I had set my goal for. It occurred to me that one of the reasons I stayed out longer than usual was that...

No Shortcuts

2 days ago, for day 23 by Fiene 🏆

There are no shortcuts. There. I said it. Sure, there is a whole industry that is built on making you believe that there are shortcuts. Heck, all of advertising is basically about making you believe that there is a faster, better (and more expensive) way to a better you. Aspirational...

There Is No I Can't Anymore

3 days ago, for day 22 by Fiene 🏆

Lately, the subtle mental shift I've been experiencing over the last few years has become a landslide. It all started with the simple realisation that every skill is like a muscle. I don't just mean this physically, but also mentally. Thought patterns behave like muscles. You can train them this...

Poetry and Analytics

4 days ago, for day 21 by Fiene 🏆

When I fell into the world of online marketing, I firmly landed on the data-oriented side of the fence. I wanted to measure everything and I loved figuring out Google Analytics. When Google Tag Manager came out, I felt liberated in a way that is hard to explain. It's such...

The Willingness To Suck

5 days ago, for day 20 by Fiene 🏆

The biggest hurdle that students of a foreign language have to overcome is their fear of speaking. The less ashamed a student is of making mistakes while speaking, the more willing they are to just put the words and themselves out there, the faster they learn. The quickest students are...

I Have To Think About It

6 days ago, for day 19 by Fiene 🏆

"I have to think about it" is something I want more of in my life. I think it is a great antidote for the instant-opinion we are all so used to. Whenever I take a closer look at my opinions, I realise that many of them are not precisely my...

Is This Useful?

1 week ago, for day 18 by Fiene 🏆

Yesterday, I missed my weekly walk. The weather was really bad (cold snowy rain) and I didn't feel very good, to begin with. Today, I did the walk. One day late but done. While I was walking, I wondered about whether I should still count the walk towards my goal...

I Am Too Old For...

1 week ago, for day 17 by Fiene 🏆

"I am too old to be in a successful band." I still remember saying this to my father when I was all of 21 years old. I remember how serious I felt about it, how much I believed it was true. In my early twenties, I felt like my whole...

The Mandala In A Heap

1 week ago, for day 16 by Fiene 🏆

I started another mandala last night because it was a smidge too early to go to bed but I am also trying to avoid Netflix or any other screen-related pre-bedtime mindsuck so my phone and the MacBook were both out as companions. I don't even let myself write on the...