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Our Story

16 hours ago, for day 186 by Fiene

We all have a story about ourselves. The story tells the world who we are, how we are, how we do things, how we don't do things and what we believe in. There are cute anecdotes about our childhood and not so cute anecdotes about our teens. Parts of our...

Today Is Not The Day

1 day ago, for day 185 by Fiene

I got home late from our outing to the city, and after our weekly call, it was already half-past seven. I then spent about an hour distracted, so by the time I got around to what's left of the day, it was half-past eight. I didn't want to do my...

Self-Fulfilling Stories

2 days ago, for day 184 by Fiene

A while ago, I wrote about how I would always have days where I was foggy and tired and how that was acceptable. Today, I am rethinking this. I still believe it is acceptable, but only because radical acceptance is the first step to any kind of healing or growth....

Gratitude And Moving On

3 days ago, for day 183 by Fiene

One of my big hangups over the years was how to navigate gratitude ad a desire to move on. To me, it felt like if I didn't want to stay in a situation, I was also ungrateful. For example, I am very grateful for how my boss worked with me...

Ten Years

4 days ago, for day 182 by Fiene

One of the big "truths" all over self-help literature is that we overestimate what we can do in one year but severely underestimate what we can accomplish in ten. Our vision for the future muscles are just not that strong. At least not without practice. It can be hard to...

Connecting Dots

5 days ago, for day 181 by Fiene

I've always had a hard time coming up with a specific vision for the future. Then I would fret that I would not get to have a great future because every self-help book I ever read says you need to visualize the details. I think part of the problem was...

Long Term Excitement

6 days ago, for day 180 by Fiene

I used to be an up and down bouncy ball of excitement. I'd get all worked up over possibilities and indulge in days of brainstorming. Whenever I had a new topic, it was all I could talk about for a couple of days straight. Sometimes, I'd get the people around...

The Broad Middle of Discomfort

1 week ago, for day 179 by Fiene

Today is Saturday and thus another day where S and I traipse up and down our mountainous countryside. It had rained yesterday and then warmed up today. The forests were damp, fresh and pleasant. It almost felt like taking a bath in lush, green air. Walking up the mountain is...

The Big "I Don't Know"

1 week ago, for day 177 by Fiene

Whenever I engage with something coaching-related, I end up at the carnival of "I don't know". I have very few specific answers to most of the questions coaching books ask. What's more, the answers I do have tend to shift back and forth. Sometimes I am convinced that I am...

I'll Always Have These Days

1 week ago, for day 176 by Fiene

Today is a good day. I feel tingly and wake, my meditation went well, I did some yoga, focus comes easily. Two days ago, I was little more than a hazy puddle on the floor of my mental capacity. The difference between Monday and today feels as vast as the...