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Getting Out Of The Way

2 days ago, for day 262 by Fiene

When asked, what I do, I sometimes answered: I am the human-developer-interface. I am somewhere right in the middle of nerdy and normal. I can empathize with both sides of the "divide" and very often end up being some sort of translator. I bridge some sort of communication gap between...

You'll Get There

3 days ago, for day 261 by Fiene

I am helping my son practice for his math test and it's making me think about the way we grade and reward performance in learning settings. He is struggling because, mostly because due to his ADD profile, he is a lot slower than other students. This means that there is...

The Cost of Perfection

4 days ago, for day 260 by Fiene

Today was a good day, I think. At least it felt good. I made some progress at work and did some stuff around the house. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether I have done enough "work work" on my home-office days because doing stuff around the house also makes...

A Ramble A Day

5 days ago, for day 259 by Fiene

Today was a good day. I got some stuff done in the office and things seemed to be less annoying. Some people are making more of an effort to not dump their negativity into my office all the time. That's a very good thing. I am getting used to this...


6 days ago, for day 258 by Fiene

Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to see something from someone else's perspective? I have this image of myself as a generally understanding and empathetic person and yet, there are some things I just don't get. There are also things that I find very hard to explain...

Dumpling Soup and Creative Downloads

1 week ago, for day 257 by Fiene

I am having the dumpling soup I wrote about some time back. Since writing that article, this soup has become a sort of metaphor for how I want to deal with my life. Putting enough dumplings into the soup is important. It is also a very easy fix. Anyway. I...

Pizza Cravings

1 week ago, for day 256 by Fiene

I've been craving pizza for the last fifteen minutes. I have no idea where this is coming from all of a sudden and I am also not particularly hungry, but somehow, this pizza thing will not let go. Right this moment, I am telling myself that if I still want...

Writing About The Basics

1 week ago, for day 255 by Fiene

I wrote a blog post about a very basic concept in online-marketing today: What is a conversion? I started by explaining why we call it a conversion in the first place and then went through some common cases that are applicable to all websites and most types of businesses. It...

Lunch Fatigue

1 week ago, for day 254 by Fiene

I don't know what I want to have for lunch today. I got bored with my usual fare but I have no idea what I want instead. I am a sort of seasonal eater. I tend to eat the same things for an extended period of time ad then rotate....

Every Happy Is Different

2 weeks ago, for day 246 by Fiene

When I have found something that makes me happy, I usually want to share it with the people around me. I feel like I have just discovered an ancient secret of the universe and feel inspired to preach the gospel of my new discovery to everyone who will listen. I...