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Day By Day

22 hours ago, for day 177 by Fiene

Do you ever get the feeling of just living from one day to the next? I feel like that right now. I have been very busy since May and things are finally starting to settle down. Somehow, when time gets a bit tough, my brain starts stretching it. A day...

Shaping My Dayjob

1 day ago, for day 176 by Fiene

I started working as a student at my current company seven years ago. I came in for a couple of hours a week and looked after some general office management and accounting related things. After a year, my bosses asked me if I could go and learn something about SEO...

Distractions Again

2 days ago, for day 175 by Fiene

It is very warm today and the office has been overcome by heat-induced lethargy. My mind feels a lot slower than usual and finding a productive rhythm is difficult. I wat to sleep. But that is also just because it is warm. This morning, I was marveling at what a...

Hair In Curlers

3 days ago, for day 174 by Fiene

Most projects follow a similar path to my hair when I am coaxing it into glam waves. Wash, Dry, Brush This is the preparation phase. Washing, drying and brushing my hair are actions that are not exclusive to the project "curly hair". They are actions I perform regularly to...

Trust The Universe

4 days ago, for day 173 by Fiene

I was musing this morning about what it means for me when I say I trust the universe to have my back. To me, living sometimes feels as if I were in one of those video games where the ground appears beneath the character's feet as they walk. With every...

Writing Before The Drink

5 days ago, for day 172 by Fiene

I have been contemplating whether I should start my "restful afternoon" routine early today and just watch a favourite show and have a light summer drink. Then I decided that I should maybe write before I do that. My "I want to write" feeling is unlikely to increase after a...


6 days ago, for day 171 by Fiene

That is what life feels like right now. I have a pronounced feeling of becoming the person I want to become. For the first time in my life, I am at least partially aware of the person I am and the person I want to be one day. I have...

Your Value Is a Feeling

1 week ago, for day 170 by Fiene

I just had my yearly conversation with my boss. It went well. We have not agreed on a specific number but I felt confident when I stated my number and he did not baulk. Nor did he say "no". This was the first negotiation or performance review that I was...

Reframing Negotiation

1 week ago, for day 169 by Fiene

Words have a lot of power. The way we describe something can change our perception of the issue completely. Marketing relies heavily on this but so do we in our normal lives. I found that reframing concepts that scare me or make me uncomfortable helps me find a position where...

Blessings and Progress

1 week ago, for day 168 by Fiene

When I came home today, my friend and my son had rearranged and completely tidied up the kitchen, the dining room and the closet off the craft room. They rearranged some items and furniture in the kitchen and it looks like new. I felt like this was the nicest, most...