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Writing, Dinner, And a New Day Job

10 hours ago, for day 100 by Fiene

I am about to embark on another lasagna quest. I think this may very well be the last I make in a while. Summer is approaching, and carbs are starting to feel "too heavy". I am a very seasonal eater. If I were to guess, I'd say I eat 80%...

I Hit Send

1 day ago, for day 99 by Fiene

Alright, I just published the new article. I am glad I waited to do some more editing. I ended up changing quite a few things from the rough draft yesterday. I gave it a good once over this morning and then set it aside. Before I picked it up to...

Fumbling Through

2 days ago, for day 98 by Fiene

I've just completed my second long-form article for Medium but I am not ready to post it yet. Or rather, I am telling myself I am not ready yet because I tend to get very impatient whenever I have written something. I just want to post it and forget about...

I'm Irrational. That's OK.

3 days ago, for day 97 by Fiene

I've been making reading progress on "Thinking Fast And Slow" by Daniel Kahneman. The book explains how we don't truly "think" about our decisions unless we sit down and, well, think them through. The choices we make "on the go" are mostly automatic, based on our biases and a bunch...

Shitty Writing?

4 days ago, for day 96 by Fiene

Today, I wrote and published a longer piece for the first time since November. It took me a couple of hours and three re-writes. I am sure that when I read it tomorrow, I will find a lot more to edit. I always do after all. Writing the first draft...

How to Sloth

5 days ago, for day 95 by Fiene

Even during the current times, I am a bigger sloth on the weekends than throughout the week. Sure, days look mostly the same now but the weekend feeling still creeps in on Saturday afternoon. Maybe it is because I still work. I don't know. I feel like even if I...

I Hate Change

6 days ago, for day 94 by Fiene

Well. I kind of do, and I kind of don't. I have a hard time with short term, unexpected changes in plans. For example, when I am looking forward to a slow morning in bed, I can get irrationally annoyed at the postman ringing the doorbell. I guess I don't...

Connect Dots, Not Problems

1 week ago, for day 93 by Fiene

Have you ever noticed how many of our assumptions come in sets of interconnected requirements? We tend to tick all the boxes that are offered on the form by default and never bother to untick them. For example: For many of us being in a committed relationship comes with some...

Something with Goals

1 week ago, for day 92 by Fiene

This morning, while I was finishing up my weekly journal page (better late than never), I had a mini epiphany about goals. In line with my earlier musings on making sure I keep working on the most significant bits, I had added a "biggest badass goal of the week" thingy...

Singing Along

1 week ago, for day 91 by Fiene

What can I say? I like to sing. I have just re-downloaded a karaoke app I used to fool around with, and it is a ton of fun. Singing has always helped me express myself. It is also very soothing and, contrary to many people, I like to record myself....