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Nothing Like a Broken Child's Intuition

2 years ago, for day 114 by Fariha Rashid 💘

I think being an introvert but also extremely outgoing and friendly has given me a weird perspective on life. I talk to lots of people that are incredible different. I can tell what level of self actualized and fulfilled a person is from a gut feeling (or so I think)....

The Secret Life of Brown Kids

2 years ago, for day 112 by Fariha Rashid 💘

I feel like I need to say this is FULL of generalizations that are intrinsic and important to my experience. Even still, I know "brown people" that don't categorize into this big picture I paint BUT this is what I learned from my family and their friends.. When my in-laws...

Roger That.

2 years ago, for day 85 by Fariha Rashid 💘

I secured the big headphones laying over my sunglasses and pulled the mic up so close to my lips I couldn't close my mouth. I gave the double thumbs up and a big smile as he snapped a selfie from the front seat. The voice over the radio clearly asserted...

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