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3 hours ago, for day 264 by V

Random insights I had while high the best description for meditation is stretching for your mind You know how stretching has to hurt a bit? Like a gentle pull? And you have to hold it for a time that's not too uncomfortable but still a bit effortful? That's...

Making Bots

1 day ago, for day 263 by V

I love making internet bots. Honestly, I haven't made many (like 2), but I made a whole language to make them, including an advanced language to easily construct image-based ones (which also supports gifs, though that still needs work to be useful in more than a handful of cases). Recently,...

Flipping the Web

2 days ago, for day 262 by V

[yes, I have 36 minutes left. It's 3 times what I had yesterday so I'm making progress.] I love going down YouTube rabbit holes. There's so much weird stuff on YouTube. I feel like there should be a way to surface quality weird stuff. The problem is with centralized shit...


3 days ago, for day 261 by V

What is better than publishing with 13 minutes left? Starting with 13 minutes left. Crossing my fingers my phone doesn't die. I had to stop playing Borderlands 2 for this. I still have an article on Borderlands' humor pending. I really need to get those articles written and my blog...

I have no idea what any of this is

4 days ago, for day 260 by V

Cats are wonderful. [I need to start writing this because I'm once again super close to the deadline, so what better topic than cats?] List of things I like about cats: Soft fur Toe beans When you touch them and they make the "cat activation sound" *...

Finish Line

5 days ago, for day 259 by V

[Hard to be an idealist in hard times. We're all burning out.] Sometimes I imagine what it's like to be a politician during these times. If you think you were pissed the day they elected Trump, imagine being Angela Merkel. Imagine having an even bigger scale picture of how dangerous...

Life Log

6 days ago, for day 258 by V

Had a really hard weekend. Tomorrow it's back to work. Doing a 3 days workweek until I get myself back in shape, mentally. I'm not sure it's going to happen. Psychiatrist increased my mood stabilizers. "You seem to be having mood problems," he said. My mood problem is I'm exhausted....

A Life in Coding and Fandom

1 week ago, for day 257 by V

Coding has been so intrinsically linked to my life, as has been fandom. I started by making an Evangelion fansite when I was 13. When I was 15 I was translating homoerotic doujinshis and putting them up in my website, which had a gallery autogenerated with PHP and SQL. [Speaking...

High Thoughts #1

1 week ago, for day 256 by V

This is the first time I write (here) high. Here's to first times 🥂🥂 #1: Do you ever reach the point you're just like FUCK IT, what do I have to lose? And do the thing. What if it didn't take you so fucking long to get there? Fuck it,...

The Language of the Internet

1 week ago, for day 255 by V

"There is a post brewing in me, but it's still not time for the tea". I love playing with internet language. There is a certain set of rules and building blocks of internet language you can mold your ideas around, and new blocks and rules are continuously being introduced by...

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