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Jesus Christ Superstar

1 year ago, for day 298 by V 🔥

I'm really tired. I had a stressful week but it's over. Now I just have to study for a couple interviews and then I'll be FREE. I went to watch the USA touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar yesterday and it was A M A Z I N G. I...


1 year ago, for day 296 by V 🔥

I can't believe I've been writing for over a month. Today has been emotionally exhausting. I told my manager about leaving the team, which has emotionally exhausted me all the way to the moment when it actually happened. It ended up being easier than I thought, mostly because he was...

Accomplishment vs Exploration

2 years ago, for day 295 by V 🔥

I took a test at my therapist today. The test gives you a list of words you have to select 15 from. Each word represents a value, and you need to select 15 you feel you really can't live without in your life. After you do that, you select 10,...

Kids Today

2 years ago, for day 294 by V 🔥

First of all, my green card interview went well! Yay! Second of all, I've been writing on Twitter for the past half hour so I'm just going to paste my thread here. Two birds with one stone. I think it's unfair to compare "kids today" as we see them...

Pre-Green Card Interview

2 years ago, for day 293 by V 🔥

Tomorrow is my green card interview. I'm fairly nervous, mostly because I'm on medical leave and my documents still show it. Had the interview been scheduled even just 1 month later, I would not have had this problem. Oh, well. It is what it is. It shouldn't cause problems. Tomorrow...

I'm still not over how good AI:TSF is

2 years ago, for day 292 by V 🔥

I was about to forget to write here! Still Hawaii timezone. I really need to change it back. I've spent the whole night showing AI:The Somnium Files to my BFF, which included watching parts of a let's play of it. I'm not usually a Let's Play person, but I really...

Acknowledgement Needs

2 years ago, for day 291 by V 🔥

I almost completely forgot to write this. I'm glad I'm on a Hawaii timezone still. Today was a very weird day. A good day overall. I got to talk with someone on my extended team at work and we had the most amazing conversation on what can we do to...


2 years ago, for day 290 by V 🔥

I'm glad I'm still on Hawaii timezone because I just couldn't stop playing AI:The Somnium Files, which I've been ranting about for days and which I also finally finished. I might have mentioned before that I'm a huge fan of everything based around murder (it's part of my charm), especially...

Branching Timelines

2 years ago, for day 289 by V 🔥

I still have the time setting to Hawaii so I get 3 extra hours to write. I've spent the whole day continuing my playthrough of AI: the Somnium Files. I'm enjoying it immensely. I'm a huge fun of Kotaro Uchikoshi's work (who's best known for the Zero Escape series) and...

Hawaii Final

2 years ago, for day 288 by V 🔥

We're back in the SF Bay Area. Our cats were super happy to see us 😻 😻 having cats makes traveling bittersweet because even when I'm far it's really hard to keep them out of your mind. It's like part of my heart always stays here with them. It's incredible...

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