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Today's Plan

3 years ago, for day 54 by Eric Lima

Not wanting to dive into writing anything here today that will consume a lot of time, I've decided to write about my plan today. This will be a dual purpose in getting in my writing submission for today and helping me to flesh out my plans for today a bit...

Creating a Writing Plan

3 years ago, for day 53 by Eric Lima

I've been writing and submitting posts on here for 52 days (today will be number 53) and I haven't really had any plan for what I'm going to write. I don't necessarily need a plan, but I have the nagging thought that if I do create one, even a rough...

MacBook Pros

3 years ago, for day 52 by Eric Lima

While growing up I only had and used Windows PCs, then in 2012, I got my first MacBook Pro. Since then I've been using a MBP as my main computer even though I do have a custom built PC that's primarily used for a few applications that are only Windows-based...

My Typical Morning Routine

3 years ago, for day 51 by Eric Lima

For a while now I've maintained a fairly regular morning routine and make sure to wake up at the same time each day, even on the weekend. I typically will fall asleep the night before between ten and eleven and have found that I don't sleep more than about six...


3 years ago, for day 50 by Eric Lima

I wasn't exactly sure what to write about today and I don't have much time left so I'll go into my lifting routine and anything else related. I've been lifting/weight training for about 11 years now. It's by far my favorite way to maintain my fitness. Prior to getting into...

Writing Resistance

3 years ago, for day 49 by Eric Lima

Steven Pressfield has written some greats books, in particular: The War of Art, Do The Work, and Turning Pro. He identifies that thing we feel when we don't want to do the work that we have to do, the Resistance. Whelp, I'm feeling resistance right now with writing today. When...

The Slow Death of Cable

3 years ago, for day 48 by Eric Lima

Every day that passes I become more and more amazed that traditional cable TV still exists. I get that some people get it bundled or are just used to having it, but it's just so much noise and wasted time. It seems as though the only reason that cable TV...

Reading More than One Book at a Time

3 years ago, for day 47 by Eric Lima

For a long time, I remember only reading one book at a time until it was done. Then, once completed, I'd search around trying to find the best option for my next read, and the cycle continued. Then, one day, I wondered why I was only reading one book at...

Thoughts on Time

3 years ago, for day 46 by Eric Lima

Time is a peculiar thing. It is something that cannot be controlled and something that we can't accumulate more of. Time, or at least our perception of it, seems to be greatly based on our perspective. Have you ever worked a job you hated or been stuck in a class...

The Productivity App Dilemma

3 years ago, for day 45 by Eric Lima

I seem to be experiencing a bit of a productivity-app-usage-issue-dilemma-thing... The good news; I've successfully cut out most tools/apps to simplify things and kill off the unnecessary distraction. The bad news is that I'm still using two apps at different rates and I'm getting the overwhelming impression that it's waisting...

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