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3 years ago, for day 47 by Dan Hett πŸ’˜

I'm in the sweet spot on the residency project prep - experimentation. I'm working freely and openly and with lots of mistakes and unexpected results. I've got a very rough direction of travel in mind (see last post) but the pathway I'm taking to get there is unknown to me,...


3 years ago, for day 46 by Dan Hett πŸ’˜

The project for the Lahore residency is really starting to form, as I mentioned a little yesterday. The practical stuff is working well, in the sense that visa applications are sorted, and I had a bunch of needles jabbed into me this morning (both arms currently very sore, never let...

More on the residency project

3 years ago, for day 45 by Dan Hett πŸ’˜

I keep missing days. Life is so busy. Pressing on though. I've been working on and off for the last few days on the geometry project that I'm planning on taking to Lahore next month. The post before this contained a sort of one-pager, but I can go into it...

Residency project outline

3 years ago, for day 43 by Dan Hett πŸ’˜

One of the projects I'm planning to do during the residency... UNTITLED GEOMETRY PROJECT Projection and software This bold public artwork aims to directly fuse authentic Islamic geometric design patterns with cutting-edge algorithmic generation, to create a compelling large-scale algorithmic artwork. The work will run autonomously, and will generate and...

Residency ideas

3 years ago, for day 41 by Dan Hett πŸ’˜

Juggling as ever. The game is occupying a lot of brain space, but at the moment I'm pondering ideas for my upcoming residency given that time is ticking on. There are a few concepts I'm quite excited about, annoyingly as the event isn't announced properly I can't post much about...

The photograph

3 years ago, for day 40 by Dan Hett πŸ’˜

David stops, surveying the scene in front of him. The street is empty, hastily evacuated - shop doors are still open, lights are on, but there's nothing moving except for the occasional sweep of the searchlight from the helicopter overhead. He looks closely and realises he's not alone here. Standing...

Research and people

3 years ago, for day 39 by Dan Hett πŸ’˜

More on Closed Hands research. As soon as I got the Arts Council money through, I immediately stashed it in a different account so it's 'away' until I get my head around things. Currently I'm wrangling how to record what I spend it on: this money is 100% for research,...

More on Her Story

3 years ago, for day 38 by Dan Hett πŸ’˜

I was thinking a bunch more about Her Story, in relation to what I'm doing. There's a lot to it as a game that feels clever and original, even though the game itself is mechanically straightforward. The aspect that stands out the most is still the non-linearity of the thing,...

A look back at Her Story

3 years ago, for day 37 by Dan Hett πŸ’˜

One of the more fun parts of research on Closed Hands has, unexpectedly, been when I took some time to go back through a few videogames that I'd played before, but wanted to revisit and re-evaluate a little bit in the context of making this game. Some of these have...

Pakistan chaos

3 years ago, for day 36 by Dan Hett πŸ’˜

I am currently playing what I would describe as a real life game of Papers Please, in the form of trying to acquire a working visa for an arts residency in Lahore in a few weeks. I'd heard that Pakistan were strict, but the level of unrelenting finicky hassle that's...

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