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Software engineer, interested in methods and tools for living better.

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A Simple Goal Attainment Process

2 years ago, for day 146 by Coleman Foley 💘

The Big Goal You start with a goal. Let’s say you want to get fit. What does that mean to you? What does that look like? Maybe you’re 20 pounds overweight and have a paunch, and would like to weight, say 160 pounds and have a flat stomach. Okay,...

Weekly Habit Experiments

2 years ago, for day 141 by Coleman Foley 💘

I’m taking a Coursera course called The Science of Well-Being. The course is wildly popular, and I can see why. I’m about five weeks in, and it’s given me several good, practical ideas to live a little better. To be more grateful and positive, and even to meditate. For me,...

Trying Meditation

2 years ago, for day 140 by Coleman Foley 💘

This week I am trying out meditation. The Science of Well-being course I'm taking recommends trying out one or two new habits each week, and this week it's meditation. The benefits of meditation are apparently many. Headspace has a nice, clear post on the benefits. Among them are stress relief,...

What Works in Self Improvement

2 years ago, for day 139 by Coleman Foley 💘

I’ve been regularly trying to make various changes for at least a couple of years now. I’ve tried a wide variety of self-improvement resources, and I’ve had wildly varying success. What have I found to work? Of all the usual adjectives that are thrown around regarding behavior change efforts, I...

My Writing Routine

2 years ago, for day 138 by Coleman Foley 💘

I want to publish writing more regularly. My goal is to write every day. At least, that’s the experiment I’m trying this week. How will I manage to publish writing (or improve an already published piece) every day this week? I believe I need a routine. Something that tells me...

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