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My name's Cat and I like big 📚. I'm 📍in 🇸🇬and currently earning XP as a Freelance Communicator. Here is where I mull over and digest the media and noise .

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Camels and Tethering Tourists

6 days ago, for day 285 by cat ✨

My friends are giving me a hard time right now. I remembered my writing deadline and so I had asked to tether from one of them. So here so I am. We're in the middle of the desert and doing some touristy things like camel hunting, visiting ghost towns and...

Bangkok Blues

1 week ago, for day 281 by cat ✨

I'm in Bangkok for a two-hour stop over. Please indulge me for a moment but the last time I was here, I was parting ways with my last long-term partner. Ed, who is Latvian, but lived in London had flown out to my side of the world to meet me...

Downton Abbey

3 weeks ago, for day 269 by cat ✨

Is it just my group of friends and I ? But we love attempting to speak with a British accent. Our favourite is the posh classy boarding school one. The Queen's English. This obsession goes way back to high school, when we were such geeks over Harry Potter. I think...

Dharma not Drama

3 weeks ago, for day 266 by cat ✨

That Peach Scone track is still on repeat this morning as I type this. It may seem I have a goal of memorising it, which is so much harder to do when this kind of effort has stopped being a habit. The Lost Art of Memorisation and Remembering. The reason...

RIP Daniel Johnston

4 weeks ago, for day 264 by cat ✨

Fan-girling all over Midsommar director, Ari Aster's Twitter led me to learn of Daniel Johnston's passing. I'm only now absorbing this piece of news. One thing I feel especially lucky about is how former loves have really opened my world to the discovery of things. Of new music, authors, works...


4 weeks ago, for day 263 by cat ✨

Contains spoilers to the film "Midsommer" In college, the only organisation I committed to being a part of was the Loyola Film Circle (LFC), an organisation for film geeks and nerds. Two people I knew from that that organisation moved out here to Singapore a couple...

True Sorrows

1 month ago, for day 262 by cat ✨

"I know it's just a book. but it's a damned good book," I shared in a chat with two really close friends last night. I used to have such a hard time needing people, but these past few years I've been so conscious of my feelings that I can gauge...

Little Joys

1 month ago, for day 261 by cat ✨

I'm listening to that band Little Joy as I write this. The one with Fabrizio of The Strokes. The song that comes on is "The Next Time Around" that goes: *One too many goals The measure of your worth Can sink your weight in gold Sat by the ivory sill...

You've Got Mail

1 month ago, for day 260 by cat ✨

Things that are dead or dying that I'm still a sucker for: Hand-written letters Long e-mails Looking at the whole picture Diaries Conversations with strangers Honouring things at face value I re-watched "You've Got Mail" a couple of days ago. Nora Ephron's writing is...

A Save Point

1 month ago, for day 259 by cat ✨

I'm happy about the progress I've made with my freelancing work. I've got a rhythm lately. It's a little bit backward of me to come to this realisation now (two months in), especially because I read about habits and productivity all the time — but when I went "rogue" and...

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