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I'm an energetic and curious human being located in πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬(Singapore). Here is where I mull over and digest the media and noise I encounter daily .

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2019 Video

2 months ago, for day 11 by cat πŸ’Ž

I'll be leaving Digby later this evening so I thought it best to get my writing for the day out of the way. I'll have to finish some laundry, pack my things, clean the house, get Digby showered, and buy him a toy before I leave. I shared that I...

Stomach Bug or Food Poisoning?

5 months ago, for day 307 by cat πŸ’Ž

I stepped out of the cab and collapsed in bed at half past eight. I might've mumbled a "I think I got food poisoning" to someone on the way to my room, but the last thought I had before falling into a deep sleep was "I should really take some...

Fleabag Sisters*

5 months ago, for day 302 by cat πŸ’Ž

It dawned on me yesterday that despite all the healing, self-love and meditation, that I somehow continue to make excuses for my family. For my mother and father, not so much anymore β€” I can recognise their passive aggression and moods and take them for what they are, but for...

The Buzz, Potsdam and Other Connections

5 months ago, for day 300 by cat πŸ’Ž

During my meditation today, an unusual thing happened. It's not out of the ordinary to hear the ambient noises around me, but they're usually from a distance. I listen out for the whirring of the air conditioner, or sounds and voices coming from the other rooms in the house, but...

Camels and Tethering Tourists

5 months ago, for day 285 by cat πŸ’Ž

My friends are giving me a hard time right now. I remembered my writing deadline and so I had asked to tether from one of them. So here so I am. We're in the middle of the desert and doing some touristy things like camel hunting, visiting ghost towns and...

Bangkok Blues

6 months ago, for day 281 by cat πŸ’Ž

I'm in Bangkok for a two-hour stop over. Please indulge me for a moment but the last time I was here, I was parting ways with my last long-term partner. Ed, who is Latvian, but lived in London had flown out to my side of the world to meet me...

Downton Abbey

6 months ago, for day 269 by cat πŸ’Ž

Is it just my group of friends and I ? But we love attempting to speak with a British accent. Our favourite is the posh classy boarding school one. The Queen's English. This obsession goes way back to high school, when we were such geeks over Harry Potter. I think...

Dharma not Drama

6 months ago, for day 266 by cat πŸ’Ž

That Peach Scone track is still on repeat this morning as I type this. It may seem I have a goal of memorising it, which is so much harder to do when this kind of effort has stopped being a habit. The Lost Art of Memorisation and Remembering. The reason...

RIP Daniel Johnston

6 months ago, for day 264 by cat πŸ’Ž

Fan-girling all over Midsommar director, Ari Aster's Twitter led me to learn of Daniel Johnston's passing. I'm only now absorbing this piece of news. One thing I feel especially lucky about is how former loves have really opened my world to the discovery of things. Of new music, authors, works...


6 months ago, for day 263 by cat πŸ’Ž

Contains spoilers to the film "Midsommer" In college, the only organisation I committed to being a part of was the Loyola Film Circle (LFC), an organisation for film geeks and nerds. Two people I knew from that that organisation moved out here to Singapore a couple...

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