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The Dichotomy Test

1 year ago, for day 27 by Ben Ellis 💘

One thing I do every year is take the dichotomy test. Some of you may be familiar with it, some of you may have seen some results shared online, while some of you, like me, take this test on a regular basis. It's a test comprised of 74 questions that...


1 year ago, for day 26 by Ben Ellis 💘

I drove 160 miles today, 4 hours behind the wheels, driving under the influence of only one cup of coffee, oddly enough, to see family. I have a huge family, with 10 uncles and aunties on my father’s side, and 10 uncles and aunties on my mother’s side. Most of...


1 year ago, for day 25 by Ben Ellis 💘

I went to the theatre today. It’s an independent queer theatre in London, right by the riverside. I went with a friend I've not seen in weeks, it was his idea to do something fun after dinner, and he's got the best taste in theatre options so I obliged. The...


1 year ago, for day 24 by Ben Ellis 💘

I opened Audible for the first time in months this morning. It still had my old purchases, unfinished, still pending: “Quite: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking” by Susan Cain; “I’m judging you: the do-better manual” by Luvvie Ajayi; “How to be black” by Baratunde...

The play does not care who makes it

1 year ago, for day 23 by Ben Ellis 💘

Every 18 months I pick a new obsession, fall in love with it, study it, and try to come out with either a breakthrough or at least break down the concept in a way that is understandable, accessible, and applicable to other fields - mainly, marketing. My 2016-2017 obsession was...

Brown study

1 year ago, for day 22 by Ben Ellis 💘

On days like today I sit in an empty room and listen to Kendrick Lamar with a candle lit on the living room floor, a single candle lighting my entire apartment. On days like today I just put my cancelling noise-cancelling headphones on, ask Alexa to play an album I’ve...

So what?

1 year ago, for day 21 by Ben Ellis 💘

The theme for the month is going to be goal-setting and habit-keeping for most people, I imagine. I wonder how many people will pause and ponder why some habits stick with them while others don’t. I wonder how many people will pause and wonder why they’re really good at setting...

Fyre Festival

1 year ago, for day 20 by Ben Ellis 💘

So, I’ve just watched the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix. I thought I knew enough about it but boy oh boy, turns out I didn't even know a tenth of what was going on. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, and if you have a Netflix account, just...

On Diets

1 year ago, for day 19 by Ben Ellis 💘

The first time I ever tried to get on a diet was two decades ago. I was 10, and envious of the body my classmates had. Toned, muscled, some were ripped, some were bulking, but they all looked...ideal. They looked just like the models on the big TV we had...

How do you quantify artistry?

1 year ago, for day 18 by Ben Ellis 💘

I was minding my business this Friday afternoon, when all of a sudden my colleague sends me a Slack message out of the blue. “Kanye West is the best artist of our generation.” That led to a long debate, a funny debate, but one that was clearly in jest. But...

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