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Today, I got creative with food

2 years ago, for day 57 by Ben Ellis πŸ’˜

When you have a tooth removed, you really start getting better on the third day onwards It’s my second day with one less tooth, and the pain doesn’t bother me as much as one thing: not being able to eat solids. The doctor and dentist told me that I was...

Today, I dealt with the guilt of rest

2 years ago, for day 56 by Ben Ellis πŸ’˜

I woke up with my hospital wristband still on my wrist, a reminder to be kinder to myself. It's worked well so far. I started the day with painkillers, then got on with my day. Around noon I had the call from the hospital that to relieve some of the...

Today, I reminded myself

2 years ago, for day 55 by Ben Ellis πŸ’˜

I wear my hospital wristband as religiously as festival-goers wear their party wristbands too. It's been my reminder to take better care of myself, much better than I have been in the past few weeks, maybe months. I reminded myself to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I reminded myself to...

Today, I asked my body what it wanted

2 years ago, for day 54 by Ben Ellis πŸ’˜

I've tried meditation so many times, but it never quite stuck with me. I tried different apps, different methods, different settings and environments, but nothing quite worked. The furthest I've ever gone with meditation was with Headspace, partly because its persistent ads on YouTube videos would always remind me that...

Today, my body went on strike

2 years ago, for day 53 by Ben Ellis πŸ’˜

I hate hospitals. I grew up learning that routine trips to the hospital were common, yet I never got round to enjoying the experience. I hate the intense smell of bleach on the marble floors that all hospitals seem to have. I hate the red dispensers of foamy hand sanitiser...

Today, my body gave in

2 years ago, for day 52 by Ben Ellis πŸ’˜

I've been feeling tired lately. I've only been eating a meal a day, burning all my energy throughout the day and saving hunger for dinnertime, which admittedly I sometimes forget to have if I’m taking work home. I've definitely not been drinking enough water, living off the free soda that...

It’s now a thing

2 years ago, for day 51 by Ben Ellis πŸ’˜

I’ve been writing for 40 days now, give and take, and I think I have formed the habit now. Writing here is constantly on my mind. It’s on my mind when I plan evening drinks or when I get invited for events after work, because I don’t want to miss...


2 years ago, for day 50 by Ben Ellis πŸ’˜

I dyed my hair blond today. I went to a queer barbershop in East-Central London, and I felt the human embodiment of "safe space". This might not mean much to others, and honestly, I wish I knew what that privilege felt like. I've been turned away before because "my hair...

My brain has 21 tabs open

2 years ago, for day 49 by Ben Ellis πŸ’˜

I'm a fan of tangents. If we ever have a conversation, please know that I will start at least 4 other mini-conversations that are all interlinked to the main dialogue we're having, but they're just tangents. Tangents work just like parentheses -- you open a bracket, you write what you...

Dating Around

2 years ago, for day 48 by Ben Ellis πŸ’˜

I've just watched a couple episodes from the new Netflix series, Dating Around. It's a show about someone going out on 5 blind dates, and at the end this person needs to choose who they'd like to see for a second date. It's a nice show, interesting and entertaining. It...

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