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8 hours ago, for day 349 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

On the first year of university, I was living in a house where I was renting one of five rooms. It wasn't the best place, but location overall was pretty good, and it was relatively cheap — I paid around eighty euro per month for that room. I didn't have...

Knives out

1 day ago, for day 348 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

We got up today and — since yesterday my wife got items she ordered from Adidas — she did go to yoga today. She was willing to go for some time now, but since we aren't that much active, we don't necessarily have sports clothes. I had to order some...

How to fail at travelling?

6 days ago, for day 343 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

I got inspired a little bit by reading Rin today post since it brought all those feelings I had when I was travelling a little bit more. When my lease on the apartment ended, I was pretty much free of any responsibilities I wanted to take advantage of remote...

Walk on the pier

1 week ago, for day 341 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

We woke up quite early — at least for our standards — today and my wife proposed to go out to eat some breakfast. There is a place where we ate one of our first breakfasts when we moved here, and we weren't for some time there, so it was...


1 week ago, for day 340 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

Today we had an exciting discussion about measuring the quality of the product. As most likely, any web application we have our own set of issues. Some are more severe, and some are rather small in what they do. Often bug reports we get are not anything that blocks any...


1 week ago, for day 338 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

The project I work on is going nicely so far. We even managed to find some work that wasn't needed in the first place! We managed to remove every obstacle and tomorrow we will wrap up before final quality assurance. I'm quite happy mainly because I was lead on that...

Primitive language

1 week ago, for day 337 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

Today I was trying to solve another challenge on the advent of code. It's all about figuring out manhattan distance — a distance that is only horizontal or vertical — in the electric system between the starting point and the closest intersection where two wires cross. Task seems relatively simple,...

Functional programming

1 week ago, for day 336 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

I got quite used to some basics of functional programming. I mean real basics like to functions such as map, filter or reduce. Those that help express the transformation of a piece of data — something that most computer programs are about. You take some input — let it be...

The Crown

2 weeks ago, for day 335 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

We finished watching the newest season of The Crown on Netflix. For those who don't know it's a series with various stories about Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royal family. I like it because of the drama mostly but also because of how well it's made. I was...


2 weeks ago, for day 334 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

So we just watched together with my wife last movie from Martin Scorsese "The Irishman". First thing I have to mention is that the film is three and a half hours long. That's probably the reason why it's not shown in most cinemas — I doubt most people can sit...