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2 weeks ago, for day 84 by Bartosz Łęcki 🏆

So since yesterday, we started playing with my wife in "Overcooked" on Playstation 4. It's an arcade game where you work as an chef and have to cook and assembly various dishes.

Last day in NYC

3 weeks ago, for day 76 by Bartosz Łęcki 🏆

Today we are flying back in couple of hours to Ireland — of course if Irish government won't proceed with total lockdown all of the sudden. I'm kinda glad that we are leaving since it's hard to be pleasant with the trip when all of stuff that goes down right...

Financial crisis

3 weeks ago, for day 74 by Bartosz Łęcki 🏆

I really like movies made by Adam McKey such as Big Short or more recent film about ex-vice president Dick Cheney called Vice. I like how he makes movies based on rather new events that show us, the viewers, a little bit more about what was happening at the time....


3 weeks ago, for day 73 by Bartosz Łęcki 🏆

New York is going more and more into a lockdown. Most museums are closed already which we saw today when we tried to enter the museum at FIT. They closed it along with other popular museums. Because it was closed, we decided to got on a Highline — a park...


4 weeks ago, for day 72 by Bartosz Łęcki 🏆

We started the day with really great New York bagels at BO Bagels in Harlem. I got one with cream cheese and smoked salmon. To be honest, I never are such a good salmon in my life. My wife had one with egg paste and pickles but I didn't really...

Harlem baby!

4 weeks ago, for day 71 by Bartosz Łęcki 🏆

We started first full day in New York city by going to grab some good breakfast. We found out on bon appetit that Sylvia soul food was really recommended place so we tried it. For the first time in my life I tried grits — at least in the form...

How much?!

4 weeks ago, for day 70 by Bartosz Łęcki 🏆

Well, I did know that phone services in USA are more expensive but damn, I somehow didn't thought we will pay that much. My wife did remember that we can get prepaid sim card for 25 dollars so I thought that's okay. But then, it has only three gigabytes of...

Dublin worst for housing

2 months ago, for day 15 by Bartosz Łęcki 🏆

I saw an article from IrishTimes describing ranking about best and worst cities to live. Dublin was voted as the worst city in terms of housing and property rental. It was elected as even worse than San Francisco. On the other hand, voters were expats, and I guess that expats...


2 months ago, for day 14 by Bartosz Łęcki 🏆

Today my computer rejected my will to work, and various stuff broke on multiple occasions. My system restarted without any notice, my terminal did hang and even after force kill it still was not responsive when run again. Restarting, which is the usual way of fixing things in modern computers,...


2 months ago, for day 12 by Bartosz Łęcki 🏆

One of this year goals we took together with my wife is to travel somewhere each month. We will visit a lot inside Ireland since it's cheaper, faster and easier to take a train somewhere than go to the airport, fly, get from the destination airport to the hotel and...