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Creative Ideas

2 years ago, for day 95 by Asia

I've been writing a lot of diary style entries lately, so I thought I'd try some brainstorming. I have a lot of creative ideas I want to do, but I haven't put them to paper, so they don't feel real. Without giving them room to breathe on the page, it's...


2 years ago, for day 94 by Asia

It's been one of those weeks where I feel like I can barely come up for air, but I just keep piling things on myself, at work and off work. I'm not even trying to prove anything to anyone. I just keep saying yes. At some point, hopefully well before...

Reading in Public

2 years ago, for day 93 by Asia

I finished the book I was reading, Well Read Black Girl, today. Reading on the subway is an odd feeling. I'm always cognizant of being watched or the people who read over my shoulder. While I've never read anything I would be embarrassed to read in public, I distract easily...

One Day At A Time

2 years ago, for day 92 by Asia

I don't have a lot of energy to write tonight, so I'll have to pick up my post on education at a later date, if not tomorrow. Earlier today, I read an article about higher education leveraging online programs to get around making education more affordable and thus more equitable...

An Education, Part 1

2 years ago, for day 91 by Asia

On a sleepy Saturday morning, I'm curled up in bed with a book, listening to the birds celebrate the spring weather. On rainy days like this, I have a tendency to get nostalgic and pensive. Gazing at the illustration on the cover of the book, I'm reminded of how I...

90 Days

2 years ago, for day 90 by Asia

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is April 1st. When I quit my job at the end of June last year, the remaining 6 months of 2018 seemed to drag to a screeching halt, even with all of the traveling I did. I suppose that's a good thing, considering the...

Dance, Dance

2 years ago, for day 89 by Asia

My mother loves to dance. Tap dancing, ballet, or freestyle, you name it. Growing up, dance was another avenue for her to express herself and escape. On the weekends, she would turn up the music and turn cleaning the house into a dance session. Forever singing out of key, but...


2 years ago, for day 88 by Asia

I think I know the secret of why I can't stop moving. I'm a little scared to entertain the idea that I might be lonely. I don't think I am. I am quite content in the company of my ideas and books and games and pictures in the moments that...


2 years ago, for day 87 by Asia

The scent of fire followed me home. As I walked to the subway in Chinatown, I was stricken with a heightened sense of awareness. I couldn't identify where the smell was coming from, but it promoted a feeling of urgency to escape the smell as quickly as I could. As...

Eight Minutes

2 years ago, for day 86 by Asia

I only have a few minutes to write 300 words, so I'll make this as brief as I possibly can. The first thing that springs to mind is, why didn't I write this earlier? I know if this habit is to be bulletproof, I have to do a better job...