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So Here We Are

4 months ago, for day 69 by Asia

I hadn't been too careful with what I wished for. I suppose that's how I found you. Perhaps I was so enamored with my powers of manifestation, that I didn't question for a moment that I might be wishing for the wrong things. Before long, I found myself in that...


4 months ago, for day 68 by Asia

She arrived in the lobby of her apartment building, fishing out her keys to open her inbox. As its small door creaked open she saw that it was full, postage tape still scrawled with her name and that of a former lover to remind the postal worker to honor the...

Last Bite

4 months ago, for day 67 by Asia

Perched on the rooftop of the 4 story walkup, she exhaled into the cool, moist air of evening. Watching the city lights flicker in the distance, she listened to the low hum of electricity and unintelligible conversation, the tippity-tap and the click and clack of passersby, the occasional horn of...


4 months ago, for day 66 by Asia

Despite feeling stressed when this week began, I can feel myself going into Friday feeling a lot more peaceful. Earlier this week, I had some looming deadlines that I would later learn were a lot softer than they initially appeared. The anxiety of meeting these deadlines stopped me dead in...


4 months ago, for day 65 by Asia

I'm not sure I know what it's like to be passionate about something larger than individual moments, but I know about flow, and it comes close. It is such a rare feeling to love with you do. When I get there, it usually only lasts for fleeting moments, but it...


4 months ago, for day 64 by Asia

There are some things I've wanted to write for a long time, but for many reasons haven't been able to. For the most part, it's a matter of having the wrong mindset. It can be difficult to mine my mind and heart for sentiments that no longer exist as they...

Career Coaching

4 months ago, for day 63 by Asia

I'm currently seeing a career coach, and at least for now, it feels pretty life changing. If you told me in my twenties that career coaches were a thing, I probably would never have believed you, let alone consider that hiring one might be worth it. At that time I...

60 Days of Writing

4 months ago, for day 60 by Asia

I've been writing about how tired I am for weeks now, but small tweaks are not working. Today it came to a head as I had this sensation that my brain was moving in slow motion. I could barely think or write a sentence. Only when I had some tea...

On Insecurity

4 months ago, for day 59 by Asia

I've always had a fondness for allegories, fables, and parables. They tell us that life is an open book with so much to teach us. Life feels so much more meaningful if I can derive a lesson from the ups and downs. It becomes easier to practice gratitude when I...


4 months ago, for day 58 by Asia

With a slap that could be heard around the world, my mother taught me empathy. Of course, it wasn't that loud. Momma had a gift for being discrete when doling out discipline. She could put me in check with just a twitch of a few facial muscles. But when my...