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90 Days

3 months ago, for day 90 by Asia

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is April 1st. When I quit my job at the end of June last year, the remaining 6 months of 2018 seemed to drag to a screeching halt, even with all of the traveling I did. I suppose that's a good thing, considering the...

Dance, Dance

3 months ago, for day 89 by Asia

My mother loves to dance. Tap dancing, ballet, or freestyle, you name it. Growing up, dance was another avenue for her to express herself and escape. On the weekends, she would turn up the music and turn cleaning the house into a dance session. Forever singing out of key, but...


3 months ago, for day 88 by Asia

I think I know the secret of why I can't stop moving. I'm a little scared to entertain the idea that I might be lonely. I don't think I am. I am quite content in the company of my ideas and books and games and pictures in the moments that...


3 months ago, for day 87 by Asia

The scent of fire followed me home. As I walked to the subway in Chinatown, I was stricken with a heightened sense of awareness. I couldn't identify where the smell was coming from, but it promoted a feeling of urgency to escape the smell as quickly as I could. As...

Eight Minutes

3 months ago, for day 86 by Asia

I only have a few minutes to write 300 words, so I'll make this as brief as I possibly can. The first thing that springs to mind is, why didn't I write this earlier? I know if this habit is to be bulletproof, I have to do a better job...


3 months ago, for day 85 by Asia

I really admire my mother's strong instincts. They're not always right, and sometimes err on the side of paranoia, but for as long as I can remember, she's had a knack for reading people and anticipating certain situations. While I wouldn't call her an empath, her intuition tends to be...

Use Your Words

3 months ago, for day 84 by Asia

My niece was about 5 at the time, whining about something that I just could not make out. She was slouched toward the kitchen counter with her back to the refrigerator, her bushy eyebrows furrowed in frustration over pleading, wing-tipped eyes. These were the eyes of someone who grew accustomed...


3 months ago, for day 83 by Asia

Writing is a wonderful way of releasing all that ails me. Things that have consumed my mind, whether guilt or embarrassing moments or anxieties seem to find their way onto the page, and with enough repetition, out of my life. It's a kind of meditation that allows me to expose...


3 months ago, for day 82 by Asia

Today Tara taught me a new word: pronoia. The simplest way to explain it is that it is the opposite of paranoia. If paranoia presumes that the world is out to get us, pronoia says, nah, the world is out to bless us. I think that's a beautiful thing. I'm...

Talking to Myself

3 months ago, for day 81 by Asia

I've always been fascinated with the concept of time travel. Lots of people dream of visiting their heroes, a loved one, world leaders long gone, or taking one for the team and eliminating a threat to humanity, before returning to their own time. As for me, I've never really wanted...