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Creative Outlets

1 year ago, for day 153 by Asia

The problem with having too many creative outlets is choosing one. It's nice to be an individual of many talents, but being a generalist also has its downsides. I rarely feel like I've achieved true mastery of anything. I suppose that in itself is not a terrible thing either. It...

Playing Games

1 year ago, for day 152 by Asia

Well, I didn't make it to the arcade opening. After chatting with a student and completing my first full run of Minit, I suddenly found myself with a migraine and sensitivity. I thought to myself, my that's a mighty long way to go for something I can do in the...


1 year ago, for day 151 by Asia

I've been part of a small streaming community on Twitch for several years now. I don't remember the exact date that I joined, but it was certainly at least 6 years ago. Since then, I've met some of these people at conventions, dated a few, made friendships across the globe,...

Hard to Concentrate

1 year ago, for day 145 by Asia

Lately I've been having a lot more difficult getting work done at home. I've been trying to understand why, but it's not been an easy task. This is having deleterious effects on my ability to get even the smallest things done, whether it's washing a small dish, or fetching something...

One Precious Life

1 year ago, for day 135 by Asia

I was speaking with a friend this evening, and we turned to the topic of what we want to do with our lives. At one point we were both designers, but he's now on a break from the industry. I can't say I blame him. After all, I took off...


1 year ago, for day 134 by Asia

After a long day, good or bad, gaming remains one of my favorite ways to blow off some steam, surpassing even television. Recently, I've been getting back into one of my favorite pastimes, gaming. It's hard to settle on a game to choose, especially when so many of my friends...

Worry About Yourself

1 year ago, for day 132 by Asia

It is often said that the "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." Taken at face value, I have always believed that it meant that we can never know the true outcomes of even the best of intentions. But it also speaks to the good intent of inaction,...


1 year ago, for day 131 by Asia

It had been a few months since I last saw my aesthetician at the European Wax Center. She lights up when she sees me, and it always brings me so much joy and amusement that I could connect on an intimate level with this European woman, whose homeland I cannot...


1 year ago, for day 130 by Asia

While I don't feel as burnt out lately, I do feel exhausted. I've had this prevailing feeling at work that I am behind somehow, but this week affirmed that I'm actually ok, at least for now. Estimating the scope of design work still feels like this incredibly elusive task, especially...


1 year ago, for day 127 by Asia

Today I realized, once again, that I have a really difficult time saying no to people. I've gotten better at knowing when I should say no, instead of adding one more thing to my plate, but I still need a lot of work getting to the point. Case in point,...