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1 year ago, for day 218 by Asia

Sometimes the hardest person to be honest with is yourself. It's kind of odd, isn't it? You are the one person who always has your own best interests in mind, and yet, it's so easy to inadvertently fall into self-destructive behaviors, often without even realizing it. Counter-intuitively, some of our...


1 year ago, for day 214 by Asia

Tonight on a whim, a colleague invited me and a few others to dinner. He and a few other team members were in town for a meeting and wanted to enjoy the town. They decided on ramen, and even though I'd been just the night before, I decided to go....

Retail Therapy

1 year ago, for day 210 by Asia

Tonight I spent a lot of money at Target. It's not all that much in the grand scheme of things, but it feels like a grand sum for someone like me. I typically live well beneath my means and save pretty aggressively. Well, except when it comes to food. That's...


1 year ago, for day 206 by Asia

I have always struggled to create things and imagine in 3D spaces. Clay throwing was incredibly frustrating, and adding perspective to my drawings felt like too much of a time suck. Like a crack of sunlight through the trees, the moments of insight that come through between the fits of...

Pretty Privilege

1 year ago, for day 202 by Asia

Growing up I felt like I always had to make choices at the intersections of multiple identities. Do I champion my blackness or my femininity? Do I choose to be smart or beautiful? Am I a designer or a developer? A writer or an artist? Can I still love urbanity...

Creative Itch

1 year ago, for day 188 by Asia

It's been almost a month since my trip. I still haven't found the energy to post photos. I'm not sure what that's about. It can be a great way to channel some creative energy, but I seem to have so little at the moment. Still, the underlying desire is lingering...

The Sunday Scaries

1 year ago, for day 187 by Asia

There's never enough time off! In less than an hour, it will already be Sunday after the long weekend. I'm not ready. 😭 I didn't get much accomplished, and I've just about reverted to my night owl tendencies. After my vacation in Tanzania, I found myself naturally responding to sunlight...

Believe It When I See It

1 year ago, for day 185 by Asia

As a 90's kid, I remember the adults in my family, especially the men, would say, "Word is bond." It's a phrase that is heavily influenced by The Bible, hip hop, and in turn, New York City. I don't think I really got around to the meaning of it until...

Under Lock and Key

1 year ago, for day 182 by Asia

Recently I've been posting privately just to see what it's like. It's not as motivating in a way. There's something about writing for an audience, even one that isn't promised, that is a little more exciting. It's not so much about attention or validation, but about the possibility of helping...

Grief & Gratitude

1 year ago, for day 155 by Asia

Prose on Instagram makes for some great prompts. I've tried to create a bias toward creating content off of social media, but it can be difficult at times when networks feel far more accessible. I need to work on creating such a space for my writing. Right now I compose...