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1 month ago, for day 102 by Asia 💎

It's been a long time since I felt this way, but I'm so happy it's Friday. If I had to endure one more day, I just knew that I was going to pass out. It's a shame that it's raining since we finally reached the 60's again today, but at...


1 month ago, for day 101 by Asia 💎

On Wednesday I had an epiphany. I am absolutely, positively, doing way too much. I went to work that morning with a frown so profound that two of my colleagues took notice. They are both women. I made a note in the back of my mind, but kept on going....

JAMStack Conf NYC 2019

1 month ago, for day 98 by Asia 💎

Tomorrow I am going to the JamStack Conference. I thought it would be a nice change of pace to attend a small, one day conference instead of one spanning several days. I'm hoping it will help kickstart my interest in redesigning my personal website. Yet, it's kind of a bad...

For the 'Gram

1 month ago, for day 97 by Asia 💎

It is the year 2049, and the 40th year anniversary of my graduation from my alma mater. It is a beautiful, breezy and sunshiny day in May, and I am walking the campus, reliving memories of my undergrad experience, and the friends I made there. We used to walk beneath...

She's Getting Married

1 month ago, for day 96 by Asia 💎

Weddings are an emotional minefield. I never know what latent feelings will emerge, but today one surfaced and left me feeling out of my element. My freshman year of college, my roommate quickly became one of my closest and best friends. Though we were well on our way to adulthood...

Creative Ideas

1 month ago, for day 95 by Asia 💎

I've been writing a lot of diary style entries lately, so I thought I'd try some brainstorming. I have a lot of creative ideas I want to do, but I haven't put them to paper, so they don't feel real. Without giving them room to breathe on the page, it's...


1 month ago, for day 94 by Asia 💎

It's been one of those weeks where I feel like I can barely come up for air, but I just keep piling things on myself, at work and off work. I'm not even trying to prove anything to anyone. I just keep saying yes. At some point, hopefully well before...

Reading in Public

1 month ago, for day 93 by Asia 💎

I finished the book I was reading, Well Read Black Girl, today. Reading on the subway is an odd feeling. I'm always cognizant of being watched or the people who read over my shoulder. While I've never read anything I would be embarrassed to read in public, I distract easily...

One Day At A Time

1 month ago, for day 92 by Asia 💎

I don't have a lot of energy to write tonight, so I'll have to pick up my post on education at a later date, if not tomorrow. Earlier today, I read an article about higher education leveraging online programs to get around making education more affordable and thus more equitable...

An Education, Part 1

1 month ago, for day 91 by Asia 💎

On a sleepy Saturday morning, I'm curled up in bed with a book, listening to the birds celebrate the spring weather. On rainy days like this, I have a tendency to get nostalgic and pensive. Gazing at the illustration on the cover of the book, I'm reminded of how I...

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