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Day Off

1 month ago, for day 114 by Asia

This morning I woke up feeling tired and achey with a migraine. So I took the day off. I spent the morning resting and putting away groceries. I was really fortunate to get a Fresh Direct slot earlier this week while I was on the phone with a friend. That...


1 month ago, for day 113 by Asia

I feel like I can't access my imagination right now. It's ironic, because I woke up this morning and put on my "Dream It, Do It" tee. I feel like games, books, comics, shows, and movies have become a proxy for something I'm now struggling to do for myself. I...


1 month ago, for day 112 by Asia

With more time on my hands these days, time is more animated than ever. I feel I am at its mercy, rather than in control of it. It squashes and stretches at a whim, yet each moment feels indistinct relative to the next. It's rather painful to experience time this...


1 month ago, for day 109 by Asia

Last night, after being exhausted, I still couldn't sleep. I didn't drift off until 3:00 AM. Despite that, I still managed to get some very good sleep. It's 11:00 PM now, and I don't feel nearly as tired. Since I've been tracking my sleep most nights, I can keenly see...

Well Fed

1 month ago, for day 106 by Asia

At some point this week, I just decided I would assume a certain kind of stoicism to get through this. It's not disassociation. It's a deliberate adjustment to what I choose to focus on; just the things I can control, like my emotions, thoughts, and actions. It's acceptance and making...

Backlog of Dreams

1 month ago, for day 100 by Asia

I kind of hate the word "backlog." It sounds like a long list of chores instead of an exciting list of things to do or check out. But, it's pretty obvious what it means, and inventory, stockpile, or hoard sound much worse. It also seems more closely tied to a...

Creativity in Captivity

1 month ago, for day 99 by Asia

A lot of people tend to look to the artists under times like this. They look to be comforted and entertained. They look for a sense of wonder and hope. I absolutely understand that desire. I've even had friends look for that sense of joy in my artwork. But I...

37 Days

1 month ago, for day 98 by Asia

Today I watched New York Governor Cuomo's daily address. I've been watching the addresses on the Civilian app, because it's convenient and keeps me from going down an endless rabbithole of bad news, were I to look at a news site or social media. It's been comforting to see less...

What to Do

1 month ago, for day 97 by Asia

Being trapped inside, it can often feel like time is no longer a luxury, but a burden, and in some ways, even, an enemy. Often the hardest part of managing stress and anxiety for me is not identifying ways to fill my time, but choosing them from a list. It's...

Uncomfortably Numb

1 month ago, for day 94 by Asia

I haven't been outside very much lately. A few days ago I tried in vain to ship my old Pixel 2XL to Google, but all of the postal boxes were sealed up. Would it have hurt to communicate that in the mail? Today, short on eggs, fruit, and vitamin D,...