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Digital Product Designer 👩🏽‍💻 based in NYC 🗽. Dabbling in art 🎨, words 📝, and code 💻. Avid gamer 🎮, mentor 👩🏽‍🏫, and scholar 👩🏽‍🎓.

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15 hours ago, for day 51 by Asia 🔥

It hasn't been quite another week yet, but I present to you, yet another post about how tired I am! I was hoping that writing about the issue would help nudge me in the right direction, but unfortunately, it hasn't worked out that way. I think I've spent more words...

Novella No. 14

1 day ago, for day 50 by Asia 🔥

As mentioned in my post "Impromptu", I went to a writing community event tonight with Novella NYC. I thought I'd take this space to memorialize my experience at the event. Around 7PM, we crammed into Lively's storefront. Upon my arrival, I was given a slip of paper with author's name...


2 days ago, for day 49 by Asia 🔥

I thought I'd follow you anywhere. But then I found I couldn't stay the path. It was littered with puddles, cracks, and sinkholes, The road tapering off to dead ends, Meandering to nowhere. But you never seemed to mind. "Spontaneity," you called it. There was a charm to it. For...


3 days ago, for day 48 by Asia 🔥

In just a few days, I'm going to attend an event run by organization called Novella, which describes itself as "A Writing Club & Storytelling Salon For All Women." The community came to my attention in April of last year, but their salons were so popular that I routinely failed...


4 days ago, for day 47 by Asia 🔥

It took me until I was about 14 to really get into music on my own terms. It never occurred to me that I might be a late bloomer in that regard, but as a student away from home with 7 other young women, I often felt like I was...


5 days ago, for day 46 by Asia 🔥

One of the best things about writing and journaling at length daily is seeing myself grow and change in real time. This year I've worked really hard at becoming more self-reliant and resilient, as well as less resentful and quick to anger. Obviously, I'm not perfect. I also firmly believe...


6 days ago, for day 45 by Asia 🔥

I'm now in my my second week of work, and I am still not well adjusted to the lifestyle. All of my attempts to normalize my sleep schedule have been thwarted by my usual bad habits and hanging out entirely too much, both in person, and online. I've been out...

In Loving Memory

1 week ago, for day 44 by Asia 🔥

I'm not sure I would say that I love New York City, even as a native, but as I've grown older and begun to explore the city on my terms, there's a great deal about it that has grown on me. Sure, I've never loved the rats, the filth, the...


1 week ago, for day 43 by Asia 🔥

When I was a college student, I worked on the outskirts of campus at the office of civic engagement as a web designer. Before making the long trek there for my work study shift, I would stop at the campus center and grab the same thing for lunch; a tuna...

Game Time

1 week ago, for day 42 by Asia 🔥

After a long day, good or bad, gaming remains one of my favorite ways to blow off some steam, surpassing even television. Recently, I've been getting back into one of my favorite pastimes, gaming. It's hard to settle on a game to choose, especially when so many of my friends...

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