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Some Feedback

1 year ago, for day 7 by Alex Singh πŸ’˜

This has been fun, but not without its flaws. Here are some suggestions for how to improve Write Together. Formatting: Well it looks like this was implemented. Nice work. Let me cross this off my list. Log Out Timer: Every time I leave the page, and return, I have to...

The Smartphone & The Nomad's Tent

1 year ago, for day 4 by Alex Singh πŸ’˜

"..the Tuareg tent serves not just as a shelter but as an important liminal object that negotiates relational, spatial and temporal boundaries in the lives of its owners. It’s creation, orientation, placement, and modifications are markers of both individual and institutional memory within Tuareg society." This quote, from a paper...

The Potency of the Question

1 year ago, for day 3 by Alex Singh πŸ’˜

Who are you? Three simple, single syllable words. Yet when energized by the question's mark - ? - they come to life. Three simple, single syllable words that now have the power to make you analyze - and maybe even doubt - your very sense of self. A question that...

Bratton As Texture

1 year ago, for day 2 by Alex Singh πŸ’˜

I recently created an channel collecting as many instances of Benjamin Bratton's lectures as I could find on Youtube. The man, a professor in design theory currently running Strelka's New Normal program, has the perfect accent, content, delivery, and rhythm to be enjoyed as a background texture. The weight...

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