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I am here to discover who I am through writing.

Joined 14 January 2019.

Total writing: 5 days.

Total word count: 2689 words (537 words on average per post)

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Split in Two

1 year ago, for day 37 by Alicia Echevarria 💘

#1 Holly glanced around the room. She let her eyes rest on the man lying next to her. She studied his features, the wide frame of his noise, the little mole on the side of his face. She didn't want to forget a single thing. She felt a pit in...


1 year ago, for day 22 by Alicia Echevarria 💘

"My parents say the monster is the root of all evil. It moves like smoke, has eyes black as coal, and it knows our greatest fears. My parents say that the only way to be safe from the monster is to have a clear conscious and always do the right...


1 year ago, for day 17 by Alicia Echevarria 💘

Jane sat silently next to John. She heard John's words, his occasional laughter, but she couldn't get herself out of her head. She'd wandered too deep in the forest of her thoughts, with no way back out. She reached out for John, tracing her finger along the small of his...

From the Rain

1 year ago, for day 15 by Alicia Echevarria 💘

John scrambled to grab the closest object to use as a weapon. He scrunched his face, closed his eyes, and flung the object as hard as he could at the opening of the tent. The mixture of anxiety and fear he felt colored his imagination. In his mind, a large...

When boy meets girl

1 year ago, for day 14 by Alicia Echevarria 💘

Outside, Jane was running in the cold. She had defied her parents wishes and bolted from her hiding spot the moment they left. She feared being caught by her parents more than the so-called monster outside. She felt alive, pumping her arms as she ran, the rain whipping against her...

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