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Designer & Illustrator with a burnout. Trying to sort myself out through art & writing as well as inform the community about this thing called burnout.

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A trip down memory lane

1 day ago, for day 51 by Leonie Jonk πŸš€

I never spent much time wondering about what kind of child I was. I don't remember it very well, besides being teased a lot and loving comic books, there really wasn't much to contemplate. But over the past few days, I've been thinking about this topic a little bit more....

Ride together

5 days ago, for day 47 by Leonie Jonk πŸš€

Sitting on the back of the bike with one hand on his thigh and the other wrapped around his waist I feel in tune with him. We're a chatty couple, yet despite being unable to speak to each other I feel close to him when we ride. We signal each...

Camera shy

6 days ago, for day 46 by Leonie Jonk πŸš€

Today I spoke to a camera. Straight at it. Pointed my face and my speaking voice in my second language towards a strange-looking device with the full knowledge that this would, at some point, be online. I did this voluntarily if you'd believe it. Afterward, I did what any person...


1 week ago, for day 42 by Leonie Jonk πŸš€

I could feel my heart beating loudly in my chest, my breath getting caught in my throat. I gathered myself and closing my eyes I sighed out with forced calm. In front of me was a door. I shoved it open with some force, catching the handle to prevent it...

Going at your own pace

2 weeks ago, for day 37 by Leonie Jonk πŸš€

I've always taken things at my own pace. This was true before I got burned out and it's been true since. Most of the time this means taking things slower. It took me 2 and a half months to get through 30 days of yoga. It took me thrice as...

Book reviews

2 weeks ago, for day 35 by Leonie Jonk πŸš€

Every once in a while I try to keep up with my reading habit and review the books I read. I have a bit of a backlog going and thought I'd share what I wrote today here, kill two birds with one stone as it were. **Red Seas Under...


2 weeks ago, for day 33 by Leonie Jonk πŸš€

β€œHey Duncan!” β€œHeeeey, long time no see Phyll.” β€œYou can say that again! I can hardly recognise you anymore with that fancy new getup!” β€œHehe, yeah I know.. It’s not really β€˜me’ is it?” β€œNone-sense, you look terrific. Totally pulling it off. Hey, you want a drink?” β€œAbsolutely. Why else...


3 weeks ago, for day 28 by Leonie Jonk πŸš€

"You want me to talk about the Mexit? Why don't you go ask one of the geezers who voted for it?" Vicky (short for Victoria) is, like a lot of the other Quintennials we've interviewed, not happy about the vote. She moves around behind the counter of her shop, a...

Turning points (pt 6)

3 weeks ago, for day 26 by Leonie Jonk πŸš€

This is part of a serialized story. First post Previous post So I went to work since then, 3 days a week, 2 hours a day. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Based on the advice of Work Advisor I was to be relieved from...

Time for thought

4 weeks ago, for day 24 by Leonie Jonk πŸš€

The problem with having a lot of time, is having a lot of time to think. Thoughts chase each other, round and round, in a game of catch that no one ever wins. Thoughts about conversations you had. Recent, or years ago. Replaying them and how you’d have done them...

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