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All posts tagged with writing prompt

Day 126 - Story Start - Bombing Run

8 months ago, for day 126 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Today’s prompt has been provided by my writing buddy, Seth, and goes a little something like this: A - Why did you put fireworks next to the bomb? B - I wanted it to be pretty A - It was supposed to be subtle It really captured my imagination and...

Day Eighty-three - Story Start

9 months ago, for day 83 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Bikies: Dane Editing: No need Writing: Dane Meds: Taken Virus: I get to stay inside (literally don't go out) for the next 12 weeks. Story Starts – Why am I dying this time? This week's writing prompt was provided by the wonderful, Danchou. It caught my attention the moment I...

Day Sixty-two

10 months ago, for day 62 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Walkies: Dane Editing: Jibbers and flails Doing. Writing: Done Meds: Taken - the only thing keeping me sane. I thought I'd share the article I wrote with you today. A bit of a change. I'm going blind from reading blindsided. With seven days to go to the publication of Blindsided,...