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All posts tagged with writing

Thinking About Goals

1 week ago, for day 12 by Kent de Bruin

How can we create systems to support people in reaching their goals? A lot of people set goals at the beginning of the year. Most people however are notoriously bad in actually reaching them. That's why January is the busiest month in the gym and December the exact opposite. I...

Day 265 - HD Chapter 5 pt.6

4 months ago, for day 265 by Sophie Clark 🍟

"Are you sure he's going to believe you?" Isaiah asked as he tried to raise his head and felt his muscles protest. Hisao had beaten him; he'd beaten him bloody, and he'd given the man some fantastic cuts and bruises in return. They were only surface wounds, but could...

Day 168 - Story Starts - What's in the drink?

7 months ago, for day 168 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Walkies: Nope! Writing: Dane Meds: Taken Toe: Not so much pain, more annoying now. Virus: I got challenged by my other half to play out two of my characters meeting for the first time and turn it into the start of a story, so I thought...

Day 161 - Story Starts: An Early Birthday

7 months ago, for day 161 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Walkies: Dane and did them OUTSIDE! Writing: Dane! Meds: Taken (although nearly forgot the darn insulin! Took it halfway through the day when I realised!) Virus: Today's writing will be another Story Start! I'm loving doing these little snippets. It's keeping things nice and interesting. Well, today...

Day 154 - Story Start

7 months ago, for day 154 by Sophie Clark 🍟

This was my story prompt for today. I couldn't resist. It was too good. He has a fantastic way of finding the juicy ones! The scene unfolded in my head and I had an odd flashback to the episode of Supernatural where Dean tries to stop the Reaper from taking...

My Writing Routine

8 months ago, for day 138 by Coleman Foley 💘

I want to publish writing more regularly. My goal is to write every day. At least, that’s the experiment I’m trying this week. How will I manage to publish writing (or improve an already published piece) every day this week? I believe I need a routine. Something that tells me...

Day 138 - BWL cont. - Firemaw

8 months ago, for day 138 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Start of Story Firemaw "Five stacks!" Dex yelled. "I said five stacks! Can you people not count? Did the whelpling fry your brains? Did-" "Me SMASH!" "Nevermind. Romul, you take agro on the next buffet." "Me HUNGRY!" "That's it, Mela," Dark said, slowly sliding out of the line of...

Day 139 - BWL Cont. - Loot Pinatas

8 months ago, for day 139 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Start Here Piñatas Goldshower shuddered and felt something move uncomfortably inside him. "You know, I could use my Eel," Narcissa offered. "It's specially trained for retrieval jobs..." "I'm good, thanks," Gold said quickly. "It's just a few Carrots; they have to come out at some point, right?" "Oh, no," Narcissa...

Day 137 - BWL cont. - Broodlord Lashlayer

8 months ago, for day 137 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Part One Here Broodlord Lashlayer “Right, for this boss we’re going to need an off-tank - don’t look around the corner, I said don’t look. No, Dub, not even a little peek. No, you’ll see the boss when we start the fight. Now, it does a threat drop so-”...

Day 136 - BWL cont. - The Suppression Room

8 months ago, for day 136 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Part One Here The Suppression Room “OK, people,” Adea said, patting Dex on the back and giving him a reassuring smile. “We’ve got this. Let the healers get some mana. The warlocks have...” He eyed Dex wearily. “Stocked up on their meat supplies. From the dead Dragons.” He ignored the...

Day 135 - BWL pt. 2 - Vael

8 months ago, for day 135 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Vaelastraz the Corrupt “OK,” Dex gasped as Molketh cast another healing wave to top him off. “OK, so, Cata and Mela are standing on opposite sides of the boss. All the goblins are dead-” “And looted!” Lukozade called. “Yes, and looted,” Dex agreed. “If anyone has any Hourglass Sand then...

Day 126 - Story Start - Bombing Run

8 months ago, for day 126 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Today’s prompt has been provided by my writing buddy, Seth, and goes a little something like this: A - Why did you put fireworks next to the bomb? B - I wanted it to be pretty A - It was supposed to be subtle It really captured my imagination and...

Mikel Jollett on Writing

8 months ago, for day 123 by Yorick Phoenix 🥁

Days sheltering in place: 47 Days to normality: 29 (at least). Spare rolls of toilet paper left: Two (just). Event that is happening today: Well naked gardening day happened but also the book reading and discussion with the author that we were supposed to attend in San Francisco this evening...

Day Ninety-seven - The AFK God

9 months ago, for day 97 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Today's post is an old (joke) fic that I wrote a few years ago (and have added to) for my guildmates at the time. They made me do it...honest. It's based within World of Warcraft, but I think it has potential! Let me know what you guys think.

Day Ninety-six - Story Starts

9 months ago, for day 96 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Bikies: Dane Writing: Dane Meds: Taken Virus: 47, 806 as of 15:51 The Curse of the Pearl Necklace Warning, this necklace has been directly responsible for the deaths of at least three of its previous owners. Buyer Beware Click went my finger. Bid Accepted came up on my...

Day Ninety-one - Story Start

9 months ago, for day 91 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Bikies: Dane Writing: Dane Meds: Taken Virus: We're at 22k now! Writing Prompt: Why am I here? Jessie felt the pull...again, only an hour after he’d arrived home for the day. It’d been happening with increasing frequency ever since his 18th birthday but this time it was simply too strong...

Day Eighty-three - Story Start

9 months ago, for day 83 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Bikies: Dane Editing: No need Writing: Dane Meds: Taken Virus: I get to stay inside (literally don't go out) for the next 12 weeks. Story Starts – Why am I dying this time? This week's writing prompt was provided by the wonderful, Danchou. It caught my attention the moment I...

I have no words and I must write

10 months ago, for day 76 by Vlad Fratila

I'm really not in the mood to write today. I can't focus and I need to rest. Well, I meant to go back on a few things I've written anyway, so might as well get to that. First off, it's not one day but two that I've missed. I didn't...

Day Sixty-five - Q&A

10 months ago, for day 65 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Walkies: Dane Editing: Avoiding...but will likely do at around 10 pm Writing: Done Meds: DEFFO taken! Today's article: Cool, you’ve written a book, what’s it about? In short, the book is about a man who is trying to work out if he is a machine or not. And here...

Just Do It®

11 months ago, for day 41 by Yorick Phoenix 🥁

I have a late-night tonight. Well I'd rather it isn't a late night and if I was doing the planning it wouldn't be, but I'm not and therefore I know that it is going to be a late night. This means I either fake my timezone (been there, done that),...

Day Thirty-nine

11 months ago, for day 39 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Blindsided, ch.7. cont. NSFW.

My streak is gone

11 months ago, for day 36 by Vlad Fratila

I've been walking around with a distinct feeling that I forgot something. It felt like I missed a day of writing, but I didn't know which one. Looking back, I felt in touch with my thoughts, - it must have been the writing that did it. Alas! That is not...