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All posts tagged with work

Day Eighty-eight

1 week ago, for day 88 by Sophie Clark 🏆

Bikies: Dane Writing: Dane Meds: Taken Virus: Ramping up My other half's been 'furloughed' which means that he's on 80% base salary and legally can't work whilst he's on stasis with his company for three months. The bills are going to be extremely tight. His status with his company will...

My new software project

3 weeks ago, for day 77 by Vlad Fratila

Modern software teams leverage continuous delivery to gain control over their software. The growing set of practices of testing, automation and CI/CD puts every team member on equal footing, and empowers a team to move fast and with confidence. This effort requires commitment, and I am always happy when I...


1 month ago, for day 68 by Vlad Fratila

Well, it happened - the panic has reached Romania. For now, there are just a few isolated cases, but we'll see what happens. I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I'm afraid of catching the virus. No, I'm not talking about the coronavirus. Although I must admit that I...

My streak is gone

2 months ago, for day 36 by Vlad Fratila

I've been walking around with a distinct feeling that I forgot something. It felt like I missed a day of writing, but I didn't know which one. Looking back, I felt in touch with my thoughts, - it must have been the writing that did it. Alas! That is not...