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All posts tagged with virus

Day Ninety-four - Strange Things

5 months ago, for day 94 by Sophie Clark 🏆

Bikies: Dane Writing: Dane Meds: Taken Virus: 33718 as of 11:55 We’ve just been brought a present. It’s not wrapped in paper. It doesn’t even have a bow and, thankfully, it isn’t still squeaking. This is the second mouse of the quarantine and the biggest so far. It’s the...

Day Eighty - Quarantinies

6 months ago, for day 80 by Sophie Clark 🏆

Walkies: Pedals Editing: Not Needed Writing: Dane! Meds: Taken Virus: Rather bad now... So, my partner and I are in self-isolation (soon to be quarantine when the UK catches up with the rest of the world) and so I thought that I’d share some lessons that we introverts have been...

Top-Notch Filter

6 months ago, for day 74 by Yorick Phoenix

The useful task of the day: change the filter on the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & A/C) system. In the USA, well in California at least, we heat / cool homes by blowing hot or cold air through ducts to parts of the house. This is completely different from hot water...


6 months ago, for day 68 by Vlad Fratila

Well, it happened - the panic has reached Romania. For now, there are just a few isolated cases, but we'll see what happens. I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I'm afraid of catching the virus. No, I'm not talking about the coronavirus. Although I must admit that I...