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All posts tagged with story

Day 154 - Story Start

7 months ago, for day 154 by Sophie Clark 🍟

This was my story prompt for today. I couldn't resist. It was too good. He has a fantastic way of finding the juicy ones! The scene unfolded in my head and I had an odd flashback to the episode of Supernatural where Dean tries to stop the Reaper from taking...

Day 126 - Story Start - Bombing Run

8 months ago, for day 126 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Today’s prompt has been provided by my writing buddy, Seth, and goes a little something like this: A - Why did you put fireworks next to the bomb? B - I wanted it to be pretty A - It was supposed to be subtle It really captured my imagination and...

Day Ninety-seven - The AFK God

9 months ago, for day 97 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Today's post is an old (joke) fic that I wrote a few years ago (and have added to) for my guildmates at the time. They made me do it...honest. It's based within World of Warcraft, but I think it has potential! Let me know what you guys think.

Day Ninety-six - Story Starts

9 months ago, for day 96 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Bikies: Dane Writing: Dane Meds: Taken Virus: 47, 806 as of 15:51 The Curse of the Pearl Necklace Warning, this necklace has been directly responsible for the deaths of at least three of its previous owners. Buyer Beware Click went my finger. Bid Accepted came up on my...

Day Sixty-two

10 months ago, for day 62 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Walkies: Dane Editing: Jibbers and flails Doing. Writing: Done Meds: Taken - the only thing keeping me sane. I thought I'd share the article I wrote with you today. A bit of a change. I'm going blind from reading blindsided. With seven days to go to the publication of Blindsided,...