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Bad Software

1 year ago, for day 24 by Kent de Bruin

Before good software, there was bad software. Software that stimulates negative behavior, or worse, is the negative behavior. Does 'bad' exists? That depends on the definition of negative but plenty if you include endless (doom)scrolling, ego-boosting likes, or dopamine notifications that hit your scull. We just came from ten years...

The Mechanics of Reaching Goals

1 year ago, for day 15 by Kent de Bruin

To understand the mechanics of a goal-setting platform we first need to understand the mechanics of setting a goal. I define a goal as a desired result that a person envisions, plans and commit to achieve. Setting goals is not easy. It is almost like we as humans subconsciously want...

The Real-life RPG ~ (1/N)

1 year ago, for day 13 by Kent de Bruin

On Twitter I see more and more people sharing their goals and habits publicly. They review the past year, think about the next one and finally set specific goals, rules and habits. I love reading these because it gives a unique insight into the thought process of ambitious individuals. After...