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All posts tagged with social media


8 months ago, for day 30 by Leonie Jonk 💘

It started out so innocently. You know how it goes. Just binging cute cat and dog videos at an opportune moment. Funny comedy skits here and there. Some beautiful art being made in a literal seconds. Art tips and book reviews and interesting science and history facts trickled into my...

On Ephemerality

9 months ago, for day 8 by Carter Moore

"Everything has changed, nothing is permanent. Unlike the work of our ancestors who built tables and chairs to last for generations, present day objects have in-buiot obsoletism; so that it is usually cheaper to buy new goods than to have them repaired. Nothing is permanent. Technology has made life easier...

On Unity, Patience, and Peace

9 months ago, for day 2 by Carter Moore

The world seems perpetually bent on destroying itself, especially online. Factions comprised of disparate individuals unite around algorithmically driven ideals, burrowing deeper into echo chambers that reverberate their opposition indefinitely, never making any real change, just reinforcing and entrenching themselves further within their own spheres of thought and influence. We...

I'm quitting Instagram!

1 year ago, for day 267 by Leonie Jonk 💘

Well... Okay, I'm not quitting Instagram. But I've decided to stop trying to please the beast. Now, this may seem like a stupid announcement to you if you are: A. Not an Instagram user or B. A casual Instagram user But anyone who uses this dumbass platform with some sort...

Social Media Strategy: Failing

1 year ago, for day 183 by Leonie Jonk 💘

What I might loosely describe as my social media strategy so far seems to be failing. And by that I mean tanking. This 'strategy' amounted to the following: Consistency: Post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter every Monday and Friday Always do this at the start of the afternoon...


1 year ago, for day 161 by Leonie Jonk 💘

Today I spent my working day photographing, video editing and preparing a total of 6 social media posts! 3 for Instagram and another 3 for Twitter on the new profile I set up (https://twitter.com/KynthaDraws) to try and see if that'll help generate some traction for me! I haven't done much...