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Pictures Pt24 - Downhill

1 year ago, for day 100 by Yorick Phoenix 🥁

Days to COVID Vaccine Part 2: 12 Days Exercise: 4.9 mile 13K step hike at 6,000 ft in snow Piano Song of the day: No Piano today I was going to talk about the next framed photo in our house but realised that I can't because while I have...

Flight Of The Snow Birds

1 year ago, for day 344 by Yorick Phoenix 🥁

Exercise: Walk to Trader Joe’s. Keyboard: Little Frosty Dummer Boy. My iPad is updating to the release candidate of iOS 14.3 so this post is being written on my iPhone. Thankfully my Bluetooth keyboard supports three devices so it’s easy to switch between my computer, iPad and iPhone.