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All posts tagged with play

Day 63 - I made pretties!

3 days ago, for day 63 by Sophie Clark

Positive Thought: Making decisions is empowering - Sticking to them is even more so! So...today I've spent the vast majority of the morning with @fiene creating and refining my forms, logo and rates sheets for setting myself up as a custom erotic writer! So far, I have these! My...

The Lobbyist

9 months ago, for day 148 by Mo

(LOBBYIST and RICH GUY sit at a table in a private meeting room in the offices of a large lobbying firm. The meeting started about 10 minutes ago and they are past formalities.) LOBBYIST So let me get this straight, you want us to lobby…against lobbying? RICH GUY Yeah. LOBBYIST...