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Pictures Pt1

1 year ago, for day 77 by Yorick Phoenix 🥁

Days of COVID: 1 Year, 1 Day Exercise: Went to the bank? Piano Song of the day: I Have a Little Dreidel (attempting full speed) [Instamatic( I take photos. I have always taken photos since I was a child and had my own instamatic camera (see above if the...


2 years ago, for day 221 by Yorick Phoenix 🥁

Days sheltering in place: 145. Exercise: 3 mile ramble. Rolls of toilet paper left: 16 Supplies are still a mess here. It’s hard to get bread flour, although normal flour is back in stock. You can’t hand liquid hand soap, you may not even be able to get bar...

Bobs Bits

2 years ago, for day 116 by Yorick Phoenix 🥁

Days sheltering in place: 40 (no end in sight) Spare rolls of toilet paper left: One (I got shouted at for being wasteful) Event that isn't happening today: Unveiling of a new memorial to the WRAF at the British National Memorial Arboretum, see my daughter who lives quite close. ---...


2 years ago, for day 33 by Yorick Phoenix 🥁

What competition is like the Superbowl but less gay?