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Everything is New. Nothing is New.

1 year ago, for day 1 by Carter Moore

Sitting here at my laptop typing away at 8:34pm with a loosely, albeit deliciously poured decaf cappuccino, I find that in this new year everything is simultaneously new, yet not at all. Fatherhood laid in wait for 10 months — or nearly a lifetime depending on how you look at...

Arguments Never Work With Most People

2 years ago, for day 236 by chaibizi

An argument is the hardest way to convince anybody about anything.

Relax, muscles, relax already

2 years ago, for day 60 by Leonie Jonk 💘

Boy, do I regret the title I picked for those last few bits! Turns out that whole chickens before they hatch thing also applies to the title you choose for a post with multiple entries ;) After spending the whole day feeling incredibly dejected, I woke up the next morning...