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All posts tagged with habits

Thinking About Goals

6 months ago, for day 12 by Kent de Bruin

How can we create systems to support people in reaching their goals? A lot of people set goals at the beginning of the year. Most people however are notoriously bad in actually reaching them. That's why January is the busiest month in the gym and December the exact opposite. I...

List of Goals, Habits & Rules for 2021

6 months ago, for day 11 by Kent de Bruin

Goals ███ ████████ ~ ██ ██████ ███ ██████ ███ Publish 6 long-form research essays ~ This is my most important professional goal. I believe that writing on the internet has so much leverage power in all sorts of ways. Publish 12 times on kentdebruin.com ██...

Habits & Accountability

6 months ago, for day 10 by Kent de Bruin

To make meaningful progress on my goals I believe that two things really help: creating habits and forcing accountability. Habits To make progress on your goals you need habits. Habits are the forcing function that will move your work forward. Without them you are looking at a metaphorical mountain...


1 year ago, for day 149 by Leonie Jonk 💘

When you're trying to build a new habit, one of the biggest pieces of advice is to start with one thing and to start small. Although I firmly believe in starting small, I stubbornly refuse to stick to a single thing. And so, at any point in time, I find...

A Simple Goal Attainment Process

1 year ago, for day 146 by Coleman Foley 💘

The Big Goal You start with a goal. Let’s say you want to get fit. What does that mean to you? What does that look like? Maybe you’re 20 pounds overweight and have a paunch, and would like to weight, say 160 pounds and have a flat stomach. Okay,...

Weekly Habit Experiments

1 year ago, for day 141 by Coleman Foley 💘

I’m taking a Coursera course called The Science of Well-Being. The course is wildly popular, and I can see why. I’m about five weeks in, and it’s given me several good, practical ideas to live a little better. To be more grateful and positive, and even to meditate. For me,...