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All posts tagged with habits


4 months ago, for day 149 by Leonie Jonk 💘

When you're trying to build a new habit, one of the biggest pieces of advice is to start with one thing and to start small. Although I firmly believe in starting small, I stubbornly refuse to stick to a single thing. And so, at any point in time, I find...

A Simple Goal Attainment Process

4 months ago, for day 146 by Coleman Foley 💘

The Big Goal You start with a goal. Let’s say you want to get fit. What does that mean to you? What does that look like? Maybe you’re 20 pounds overweight and have a paunch, and would like to weight, say 160 pounds and have a flat stomach. Okay,...

Weekly Habit Experiments

5 months ago, for day 141 by Coleman Foley 💘

I’m taking a Coursera course called The Science of Well-Being. The course is wildly popular, and I can see why. I’m about five weeks in, and it’s given me several good, practical ideas to live a little better. To be more grateful and positive, and even to meditate. For me,...