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All posts tagged with gratitude

Day 84 - Break Time

2 weeks ago, for day 84 by Sophie Clark

Positive thought: Taking breaks is good for you. New Heights “Silly little thing,” she chuckled. Yes, this was why she’d brought them with her again. Doing this with an audience was so much more satisfying than solo. Your victories were meaningful and your actions had impact. “You know...

Day 72 - New Gig is up!

1 month ago, for day 72 by Sophie Clark

Positive Thought: Nightmares are never fun to have, but they are the safest way of exploring the really bad shit in your mind without - and this is important - it actually happening. Nightmares are our friends! I spent yesterday putting together the details for my new Fiverr gig...

Day 66 - 36 Years Young! - MYM 10

1 month ago, for day 66 by Sophie Clark

Positive Thought: Growing older is oddly freeing. Each year, you give less of a fuck! I've recovered from my vaccine. It TOTALLY kicked my ass all day yesterday and the night was a fevered BLERG but now I'm on the other side of it and happy again! I'm feeling...

Day 64 - Yolo and Loyo - NSFW but very silly!

1 month ago, for day 64 by Sophie Clark

Yolo and Loyo the Complete Story! NSFW but very fun and silly!

Day 63 - I made pretties!

1 month ago, for day 63 by Sophie Clark

Positive Thought: Making decisions is empowering - Sticking to them is even more so! So...today I've spent the vast majority of the morning with @fiene creating and refining my forms, logo and rates sheets for setting myself up as a custom erotic writer! So far, I have these! My...

Day 54 - A Customised Experience!

1 month ago, for day 54 by Sophie Clark

Positive Thought: Getting things done, helps you get other things done! I did it! I made myself a fiverr account and it's lasted longer than an hour! I'm still tweaking things and it'll probably take some time to perfect, but I frikkin' did it! I was so dejected after the...

Backlog of Dreams

1 year ago, for day 100 by Asia

I kind of hate the word "backlog." It sounds like a long list of chores instead of an exciting list of things to do or check out. But, it's pretty obvious what it means, and inventory, stockpile, or hoard sound much worse. It also seems more closely tied to a...