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All posts tagged with fiction

Life of a Sock (fiction)

8 months ago, for day 23 by Sasha Orewa 🔥

It happened on the corner of Riggs st and R, when I found myself in the position that every cotton woven object dreads. The day started like any other - I was awoken abruptly by the pull of my drawer and exposed to the morning light shining through the window....

Misha and the mountain of apples

1 year ago, for day 65 by Vlad Fratila

I think fondly of my Grandfather. We used to watch TV together after dinner, and in the evenings when there'd be nothing good on, he would get up from his armchair, shut the box off, then walk to the dining room table and sit. I would go lie down on...

Riders of Ash (4)

1 year ago, for day 64 by Vlad Fratila

After food was served and eaten, and the noise died down somewhat, the Queen rose a cup and said: "Drink tonight, men. For tomorrow, we shall meet our destiny." The men cheered and clashed their mugs, spilling large quantities of ale on the tables. The young man in purple robes...

The parrots are not for sale

1 year ago, for day 57 by Vlad Fratila

The shop window was tinted green. Glenn felt it was a peculiar thing, but couldn't find an explanation for this feeling. It was more of an intuitive thought, that shops with tainted windows hide trouble. He shrugged it off and went in. "Welcome, welcome!", said the shopkeeper, a round man...

Riders of Ash (3)

1 year ago, for day 55 by Vlad Fratila

In the dead of night Tommy crept back inside the Inn as quietly as he could. He judged it must have been past midnight already, for no one was around and all the candles were put out. He fumbled in the pitch black of the large room, hoping to...

Riders of Ash pt 2

1 year ago, for day 49 by Vlad Fratila

There are times when younglings are obedient towards their masters, and they usually emerge with a better outlook for it. To learn from one's betters is indeed an easy way to learn, for they have been through life and can usually detect when something's amiss. There are those times when...

Riders of Ash

1 year ago, for day 48 by Vlad Fratila

Once upon a time, in a land forgotten by history, there was a town like no other town has ever been or ever will be. For this town was brought into existence by the nefarious forces of Magic, and these forces bound it to remain standing until such a time...

Chapter Four

1 year ago, for day 37 by Vlad Fratila

“I’m just… mad.” “You should be.” “I mean, I just found out. You, you knew. For like, what is that, Chapter Four now, where are we at?” “Yeah.” “So you knew, like, from the beginning.” He paused to catch his breath. “From the start, yes,” came the answer. “You knew.”...