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9 months ago, for day 264 by Yorick Phoenix 🥁

Exercise: Walk to Trader Joe's (the long way) Piano Song of the day: Starry Night (198/198 @ 80% speed) I got frustrated so I slowed the song down to 80% speed and was able to play it all the way through - both hands, every note. Now that I...

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1 year ago, for day 169 by Yorick Phoenix 🥁

Exercise: in 106°F / 41.1°C Weather, you kidding me? Piano Song of the day: Minuet in G (in C), Right Hand with a even more left hand action First off congratulations to @@kirstine-granzow-larsen on reaching 900 daily posts in a row. Kirstine always posts before me so I'm always...

A Good Whine

1 year ago, for day 304 by Yorick Phoenix 🥁

Exercise: Shopping. Keyboard Practice: nope. Today is the day our Dyson vacuum died. It ran for two minutes and stopped. It did this the other day. This early evening I consulted the web, consulted, checked when we purchased it (June 2017 - thank you good accounting practices), and...