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1 year ago, for day 32 by Yorick Phoenix 🥁

Days of COVID: 322 Exercise: Shopping Welsh word of the day: Heddwas (Police)           “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”                     - Douglas Adams If there is one thing that Douglas Noel Adams (aka: DNA) is very useful for is easy...

Sunday Teatime

1 year ago, for day 313 by Yorick Phoenix 🥁

Exercise: shopping. Keyboard: just a little. “In the end, it was the Sunday afternoons he couldn't cope with, and that terrible listlessness which starts to set in at about 2:55, when you know that you've had all the baths you can usefully have that day, that however hard...

That's Just Peanuts To Space

2 years ago, for day 146 by Yorick Phoenix 🥁

Days sheltering in place: 70. Days to normality: 8 (at least). Keyboarding: Just the once, briefly, but I did. In March 1978 I listened to an radio play written by an unknown - to me - author who I later discovered also wrote Dr Who scripts. This...