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The to-do list

2 years ago, for day 107 by Adam πŸ’˜

Is a blank sheet of paper more intimidating than a long to-do list? Since the coronavirus lockdown began, I've tried to tame my ambitions. At least, I've tried not to set unattainable goals for lockdown. It's easy to take something like being stuck indoors and tell yourself that now is...

Day six: Now it’s all about the corona

2 years ago, for day 71 by Roy πŸ’˜

I think this is a good time to have a relaxing cup of tea and think about all the things I will get done from my home office tomorrow.

Day five: Operational resilience during a global pandemic.

2 years ago, for day 70 by Roy πŸ’˜

How will you keep your operations going throughout the spread of the coronavirus and COVID-19?